About 300 Myanmar workers get fired from electronics factory in Pathum Thani District

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The picture shows dismissed Myanmar workers.

According to the AAC Alliance, roughly 300 Myanmar workers were reported to be fired from the electronics factory in Nawan Nakhon in Pathum Thani District, Thailand.
Laid-off workers have asked AAC Alliance for help to get full compensation and prepare job transfer documents, passports and the extension of residence permits. The factory owner called the Royal Thai Police and officials from the Immigration Department for this matter. In addition to Myanmar workers, Thai workers were also included in the dismissal.
Similarly, over 200 Myanmar workers from a garment factory near Big C Mall in Om Rai, Thailand protested for compensation over the dismissal without valid reason on 8 September. They filed a lawsuit against the factory owner for not solving the case, added the AAC Alliance.
In most cases of fired workers, they were working legally with a pink card (labour card) and were full-time employees at their workplaces. Employers may have dismissed the current workers to replace them with Myanmar workers as per the agreements in MoU between the two countries.
Since 10 May, Myanmar has sent between 30,000 and 40,000 workers to meet the labour demand in Thailand under the MoU system. — TWA/GNLM

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