About 400 houses relocated because of river bank erosion

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The landslides of the river bank are seen in Zalun Township, Ayeyawady Region.

About 400 houses from eight villagers in Zalun township, Ayeyawady region have been relocated to safe areas as of Tuesday because of the erosion of the river bank, according to the local residents.
The eight villages from eastern part of Zalun township have been moved to safe areas as of Tuesday, and there have taken places landslides four in January, 2017. Now, the villagers are being worried about losing their villages, it is learnt from the local residents.
“Previously, the whole villages were relocated to safe areas. We have lost the farming land to cultivate too. Also, the high school from our village falls in the danger zone. So we are worried that the children cannot attend the school next year. We want to request the authorities to help us,” said U Tin Aye, the village administrator from Thady Chaung.
“The houses were relocated in the cultivated land and the land owned by the irrigation department. But there are no more space now for relocation,” he added.
About 122 houses were relocated in January. Currently, the river bank collapse is just 50 feet away from the monastery of Thardu chuang village.
“We will go and inspect that area. Also we will take necessary measures to prevent the river bank collapse to protect the villagers,” said U Win Htay, Ayeyawady region minister for Electricity, Industry and Transportation.
The local villagers are difficult to buy the new land because of exorbitant prices of Ks 4 million per acre, it is learnt.

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