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About 50,000 visses of onion enter Pakokku market


Currently, the price of onion hit a maximum of K3,000 and a minimum of K1,000 per viss.

About 50,000 visses of onion enter the onion brokerage market in ward 8, Pakokku township, Magway region daily, it is learnt.
The onions from Pakokku, Seikphyu, Pale-Minnaing, Pauk and Yaw regions have entered the onion brokerage since April 2021 with a minimum of about 15,000 visses and a maximum of over 350,000 visses entering daily to the market.
Today, about 1,450 bags of monsoon onion weighing about 50,000 visses came in the market and those were sold for a maximum of K550 and a minimum of K100 per viss. Last year, the onion price was ranged between K1,800 and K2,000 per viss. The transport difficulties came up due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The price of onion in the domestic market has also fallen due to a sharp drop in demand. Currently, the price of onion hit a maximum of K3,000 and a minimum of K1,000 per viss,” said U Than Win, Chairman of the Pakokku District Committee for Agricultural Products Management.
“Besides, local farmers cultivated about two acres with 198 pits per acre of monsoon onion this year. Its cultivation costs over K1.2 million per acre in toto, including labour charges, fertilizer, irrigation cost and cattle hire fee. Each pit of onion yields about 20 visses and is still on sale period. Consequently, it is hard to estimate the value of profit,” elaborated U Nyi Nyi Min Kyaw, the onion grower from Pyinchaung village, Pauk township.
Farmers in the villages mostly grow the onion. So, they hope that they will be free from COVID-19 and sell them at good prices in the international market, he added. — Salai Ko Kee (MA)/GNLM

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