About 60,000 CA patients reported annually in Myanmar


About 60,000 cancer cases are reported in Myanmar every year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). According to WHO’s “Cancer Country Profile 2020”, Myanmar faced 69,554 new cancer cases and 51,059 died of cancer in 2018. If cancer can be detected in early stages, the CA patients may have greater opportunities to receive early treatment. Detecting it in the last stages will provide the least chance for survival, cause long duration of the treatment and create high costs for treatment.
For Myanmar men, the most prevalent cancers are the lungs or oral cavity cancers, which are linked to smoking and chewing of betel nut. For the female population of Myanmar, the largest cancer risks are related to cervical and breast cancers. With conservative thought of Myanmar people, most of the women feel shy and nervous in respect of breast problems. Also, the women are found to be less aware of those issues. Therefore, most of the patients reach the clinics to get the treatment at later stages. With the changing lifestyle, the cancer cases are rising not only in Myanmar but also in the whole world.
According to the official statistics of WHO, the mortality rate in Myanmar was 49 per cent in respect to non-communicable diseases in 1990, which have increased to 68 per cent in 2017. One in four people in Myanmar are likely to die at an earlier age because of unhealthy lifestyle. Most of deaths are caused by cancer. About 2.5 million people are also suffering from diabetes in Myanmar. Myanmar saw 19.7 per cent with pre-diabetic, 26.4 per cent with hypertension, 36.7 per cent with high levels of fat in their blood and 22.4 per cent with obesity. —Zin Yaw Aye (Translated by Hay Mar)

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