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About 8,500 baskets of paddy seeds distributed to 26 townships in Magway Region

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Workers carrying the sacks of paddy seeds in a warehouse in Nyaung U.  Photo: Ye Win Naing (Nyaung U)
Workers carrying the sacks of paddy seeds in a warehouse in Nyaung U.  Photo: Ye Win Naing (Nyaung U)

The Agricultural Department under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation has distributed about 8,500 baskets of quality paddy seeds namely Manawthuka, Hsinthuka and Yadanartoe from the quality strain farm in Pwintphyu township—to 26 townships in Magway region, said U Aung Chit, the in-charge of its farm.
The department is aiming for the people and local farmers to have a sufficiency of food, to raise the income from the crops and to develop their life.
Pwintphyu township has fair nature and weather condition, with highest production of crops, compared to its nearby townships. “Our pure strain farm in Pwintphyu township is distributing the quality paddy species to 26 townships in order to ensure sufficiency of the food, and for the local farmers to earn an income from the farming. We are selling 8,500 baskets of good quality paddy seeds at a reasonable price per year. Moreover, around 750-800 baskets of good quality chickpea are also being distributed per year. Regarding the import of the paddy species, our quality strain farm is planting those species on our farmland on a trial basis to find out whether the species suit our country’s soil and weather condition or not. Then, we gave the result to the head office, he added. We have 15 permanent workers planting high-quality products. If we need more workers, they will ask for assistance from the local farmers around the villages. So, our quality strain farm can create job opportunities for the local villagers. The workers and farmers are also conducting the prevention and control of COVID-19 activities under the guideline of the Ministry of Health and Sports with the supervision of their farmland in charge, said U Aung Chit.—Ye Win Naing (Nyaung U) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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