Accountability remains at the forefront of change

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It is only natural that people do not hesitate to replace what does not work properly with what does. The same thing can be said of politics. People will demand that change be made to a political system as soon as they are convinced it is unhelpful.
We in Myanmar, however, have a different story to tell. It is no exaggeration to say that a long familiarity with authoritarian rule has placed us in a heavy silence. As is known to all, our country began a peaceful transition to democracy in 2010. And the changes that have occurred have earned praise from the international community. However despite sweeping political reforms, Myanmar is still in its infancy when it comes to enabling the people to realise their full potential and to follow their dreams.
It is necessary for the government to renew its commitment to a future of equality and prosperity for all national brethren. The bottom line is that the government has a moral obligation to turn the country into a better, safer place. In this respect, the government is required to recognise the productive forces of the people and to help them remain vibrant. This is vital for our national prosperity.
The time is ripe enough to chart a course that will guarantee sustainable development, forge a culture of closer cooperation, and ensure human rights and dignity. The level of responsibility, accountability and capability the government takes on will remain at the forefront of change.

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