Accused killer found in Scotland, still not arrested

Murder suspect Harris Binotti

An accused killer has been located, but he remains a free man, for now.
News that the prime suspect in the November murder of a British man who taught English in Yangon is living in freedom with his girlfriend in Scotland is bringing more anguish and heartache to the already distraught family of the victim.
Gary Ferguson, 47, was found dead in a Kyauktada apartment with head and chest wounds on 6 November, two days after drinking and partying with a fellow teacher, Harris Binotti, 26, during which neighbours heard an argument among two men and a woman in the early morning hours of 4 November.
Yesterday, a British newspaper reported that Binotti was discovered to be in Craigton, Scotland, a suburb of Glasgow, living with his girlfriend and drinking in local pubs, much to the distress of Gary Ferguson’s grieving relatives.
“That’s painful to see photos of him living his life in freedom”, said Donna Ferguson, the victim’s sister, referring to photos in the Scottish Sun showing Binotti and girlfriend Elsie Devolder living in a smart tenement and taking walks.
Binotti is believed to have been using a false name.
An onlooker in Glasgow told the Scottish Sun: “He’s been coming and going as he pleases, though recently he’s kept a lower profile.
“He has been checking out who is coming and going in the street.”
It has been learnt that police in Scotland cannot arrest or detain Binotti until Myanmar authorities request his detention.
“He has not been captured (because) the police still need a certain permission from the Crown”, said Martin Ferguson yesterday, expressing frustration about how a man accused of killing his brother has been living comfortably.
“He is working and enjoying life”, Martin Ferguson told the Global New Light of Myanmar yesterday.
“He was never hiding [in Glasgow]. He was out and about. He seems to have been enjoying himself, drinking in local bars”, Martin Ferguson earlier told The Times in the UK.
Binotti fled Myanmar on the morning of Saturday, 5 November, the day before Ferguson’s body was discovered by Binotti’s girlfriend and Ferguson’s wife. It remains unknown how he travelled back to Scotland.
Binotti and Ferguson were colleagues at the Horizon International School in Yangon. Ferguson had worked there since 2013, but Binotti worked there for only a few months. Binotti’s girlfriend Elsy Devolder was also a teacher in Yangon.
Last week, Interpol issued an international “red notice” alerting police forces around the world that Binotti was wanted for extradition.
As authorities in Myanmar and Scotland wind their way over legal hurdles, the prime suspect in the brutal beating death of Gary Ferguson remains a free man, prolonging the anguish of a grieving family.
“It is very, very painful”, Donna Ferguson said. “We can not believe how this is possible.”

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