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Achievement means   : 

(1)    A thing that somebody has done successfully; especially using their own effort and skill:
(2)    The act or process of achieving something. Synonym  accomplishment

•    A        =    Abilities, Skills & Knowledge
    C        =    Commitment
•    H        =    Hope & Courage
•    I        =    Initiative
•    E        =    Endeavour
•    V        =    Vision
•    E        =    Excellence
•    M       =    Mission
•    E        =    Exceeding  Expectations
•    N        =    Networking
•    T        =    Timeline

Generally, ‘ASK’ can be in (3)kinds, namely Technical ‘ASK’, Conceptual ‘ASK’ and Interpersonal ‘ASK’. Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without the necessary capability, expertise and knowhow. An achievement is usually accomplished by ability on the one hand, and by willingness to do, on the other. ‘ASK’ only can achieve nothing, without making an effort. Even ‘ASK’ have to be accumulated by long efforts. First you must be able to do something; then you have got to be willing to put forth an effort to achieve something.

Commitment  means :

(1) A promise to do somethin or to behave in a particular way ; a promise to support somebody/something; the fact of committing yourself.
(2) The Willingness  to work hard and give your energy and time to a job or an activ ity.
(3 ) A thing that you have prom ised or agreed to do or that you have to do.
(4)  Agreeing to use money,  time or people to achieve something.
-Oxford Dictionary

Commitment is a quality of the heart. Commitment is a kind of passion, attachment, devotion or dedication. A great heart, I believe, usually has a great commitment, especially in the matter of love and belief.  Nothing can beat a person who has a combination of  love, belief and commitment.

Hope and courage can give a tremendous power of drive. If there is no hope and courage, a person   must be said to be a paper tiger. It is ancient saying that hope is a shield, and courage is a sword. We should have the courage to hope, and hope to have courage under all circumstances.

Initiative  means    :

(1)    A new plan for dealing with a problem or for achieving a particular purpose.
(2)     The ability to decide and act on your own without waiting  for somebody to tell you what to do;
(3)    The power or opportunity to act and gain an advantage before other people do.
A formula for success is to reinforce the initiative with resourcefulness. Another one is to combine  initiative with insight for innovation. You should have common sense and prudence to take an initiative to do something of great importance or serious consequence. Initiative should be tempered  with foresight and insight.

We should sometimes work hard, sometime work smart, and sometimes, we have to work without working. To work without working means wei wu wei in Chinese. It means you don’t have to make an conscious effort to make something happen or to get something done. It can be said to work effortlessly. Without any endeavor, nothing will happen. In order to get a maximum best result from an Endeavour, every effort should be made with:
•    Positive / Right Mental Attitude
•    Can-Do-Spirit
•    Habit of Going the Extra Mile
•    Bulldog Tenacity of Purpose

VISION  means    :

(1)     The ability to see; The area that  you can see from a particular position;
(2)     An idea or a picture in your imagination;
(3)    A dream or similar experience, especially of a religious kind;
(4)    The ability to think about or plan the future with great imagination and intelligence. Synonym is foresight.
-The Oxford Dictionary

Your vision is what you want to become in the future. Vision should be solidly based on your core values and staunch beliefs. A vision must be translated into reality with a good strategy. A vision  is also said to be a dream. If you want to be somebody of consequence, you have got to dare to have a dream.

If you dare to dream a dream, you should dream to achieve EXCELLENCE in your chosen field. You have got to BETTER THE BEST which means DANTOTSU in Japanese. You should aim to be No.1, it is usually said. Dare to aim at becoming the No.1 in something.

Mission means your Duty. It is a particular work that you feel it is your duty to do; e.g. their mission in life was to work with the homeless. Another important meaning is: REASON FOR BEING (IN BUSINESS, IN SOME OCCUPATION, or IN LIFE or TO BE ALIVE.) Mission can also mean to be a specially designated purpose such as a MISSION impossible.
For example, the reason for being a student is to pass the examination honorably. And the season for being a manager of a business organization is : “to meet the needs of a customer profitably.” The mission of a medical doctor is to relieve pain or to cure a disease. The reason for being a parent  is : “to grow the children to be responsible citizen with some good accomplishment in a productive  life.”

Parents should be able to meet or exceed expectations of the offerings. Husbands should meet or exceed the expectations of their Better-Halves and vice versa. Business should meet or exceed the expectations of their customers. And every citizen should meet or exceed the expectations of their Motherland.

People live with people, for the people, by the people. No man can live alone like, Robinson Crusoe. Man is gregarious by nature. People should consistently be in touch with friends, relatives, workmates and customers. Business should be in constant communication with their customers and suppliers, etc. Profits come from customers and suppliers, etc. Networking with appropriate people is one of the most important requirements for success. People matter; people count. Live, mix and grow with people. And please don’t forget to love the people, just to be loved by them, at least.

Everything should be done within the allotted time. Time is one of the most precious things in life. Manage your time with common sense. Time is always ticking away. Time and tide wait for  no man. Ask a man on deathbed the value of time. Make time a good friend, and be a good friend  to time.

Live a good life. Build a fine life. Try to make your life a MASTERPIECE of SIMPLICITY, FRUGALITY, DILIGENCE, BEAUTY, LOVE AND TRUTH.

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