Acknowledge health personnel, volunteers in battling COVID-19


Global people accept the COVID-19 pandemic is the most dreadful disease throughout the world. A large number of global people lost life and faced weak health conditions under threats of the pandemic.
During the period from 2019 December to date across the world, many confirm patients of COVID-19 unexpectedly lost their lives, leaving difficulties and sufferings to their families and societies. In fact, the pandemic shook the world with its Saturn power.
Despite dreadful threats, health personnel including civilian and military medical doctors, nurses and various levels of staff in addition to volunteer youths actively participated in health care services for the patients, setting aside their fear. Participation of voluntary measures performed by those brave personnel should be put on record. Their acts would be unforgettable for the health sector and the Myanmar society.
While providing health care services to the confirmed patients at COVID centres, hospitals and clinics, some health personnel and volunteer youths unexpectedly lost their lives and suffered from the impacts of COVID-19. Some of them faced family problems. They sacrificed their lives for their duties with a deep concept to save the patients as much as they can. Whatever it may be, they deeply adhered to the ethic of health personnel.
Recently, a highly transmissible “variant of concern” called “Omicron” was found a new coronavirus strain in South Africa, according to the remarks of the World Health Organization. Such a new strain will be more severe than the existing ones. Hence, the global people may face a more dreadful pandemic in the coming months due to its gradual expansion of infected areas.
Naturally, severe pandemics may break out in global countries. No matter how severe the pandemics are, people from those countries would fight against the pandemics as much as possible. Among them, the health personnel and volunteers can be seen in the frontline of battling the disease with the sacrifice of their lives in the prevention, control and treatment activities of COVID-19 in Myanmar.
Really, their minds bear the fear of losing their life and limb. But, they never focus on self-interests on their duties and never be reluctant to give the health care services for the patients whenever they face criticism and danger of the pandemics. In fact, they are honourable. All the Myanmar people should acknowledge their endeavours and take pride of their sacrifices.

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