Act now to adapt to realities of climate change

Our country reels under a now-year-long assault by the COVID-19 pandemic and we are going to experience hotter temperatures driven upward by the warming effects the climate change.
With evil effects of the global warming, the evil effects of natural disasters related to climate change are threatening the safety of our planet. There have been increased occurrences of natural disasters with greater destructive impact. The consequences of climate change can cause physical and mental damage.
As the weather transitions from winter to summer, the day-time temperature will spiral upwards, and we can expect more severe weather patterns rather than normal conditions as the world warms up due to climate change.
Our country, which is bearing the brunt of climate-change induced disasters every year, should not has been slow to adapt to the realities of climate change.
Myanmar is an agricultural country, where peasants and farmers make up the bulk of the population.
Rice is our staple food, and its production currently exceeds 40 per cent of domestic demand.
We have been experienced that it is uncertain to gain profits or not from farming crops due to extreme weather, high cost and unstable prices for crops.
In the face of drought, farmers have to pump underground water to their farmland and the cost of fuel has become another blow to the farmers.
We need all hands from private firms, organizations and departments would be on the deck to grow alternative crops or to change the classification of their farmland in response to the climate change-induced drought.
The number of natural disasters including drought and as well as the severity increases.
Worse still was the fact that natural disasters were borderless as a natural disaster in a country becomes a challenge to the neighboring country.
Agriculture sector has time and weather constraints. A system aiming at rehabilitation and recovery within a short time should be systematic and must ensure tackling hindrances to the socio-economic development of the farmers.
With disasters bringing stronger and more devastation year by year, the disaster management tasks is crucial for the Union Government.

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