Activities of MoLIP for workers affairs in September 2020

The Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population has continuously made efforts to help ensure occupational safety, to make working environments pleasant, and to provide necessary assistance in order for workers to get full rights under the law and to enjoy full social security benefits including healthcare services.

Department of Labour
The Department of Labour could help 2,210 men and 5,292 women to sign a total of 7,502 employment contracts. It formed mediating teams in townships to help employers and employees resolve disputes. The township teams received a total of 165 cases in September, 2020. One of the cases was handed over to another department. Thirteen cases were settled in an amicable manner, 39 cases were handed over to an industrial tribunal, and 25 cases were dropped. Some gained monetary benefits in 69 cases. Eighteen cases are still being dealt with. 154 people were given K54,073,274, USD770.3 and Thai Baht 15,000 as monetary benefits.

Factory and General Labour Laws Inspection Department
The Factory and General Labour Laws Inspection Department resolved matters related to working on public holidays, earned leave (annual leave), unpaid wages, casual leave, medical leave and maternity leave, so over K660 million were given to the workers as monetary benefits.

Department of Labour Relations
Twenty-seven labour disputes were settled by an industrial tribunal and 25 labour disputes were settled by Arbitration Council.
Social Security Board
The Social Security Board has been working to provide social security benefits and healthcare services to insured workers in accordance with Social Security Law. The board provided a total of monetary benefits of over K3.3 billion to insured workers. It provided a total of K150 million to 1,437 insured workers for their medical expenses.
Workers’ Hospitals, social security clinics and departmental clinics provided healthcare services to insured workers in September 2020 as follows:

Healthcare Services

Sr.Hospitals/ClinicsNumbers of workers who

received medical treatments

a3 Workers’ Hospitals (5,058 outpatients, 420 inpatients)5,478


b96 social security clinics, one traditional medicine clinic, 58 departmental clinics and 14 clinics (including 5 OPDs which provide Obstetric and Gynaecology services) which use PPS system75,245


cDoctors from social security clinics visited the relevant sites to provide medical treatments (Once)20

—MNA (Translated by Maung Maung Swe)

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