Adjustment, Adjustment, Everywhere!

  • Dr. Nu Nu Win

In Psychology, “Adjustment” means change for the better to be in line with the time, place and conditions. That means, when we reach a new place where we have never been before, we cannot adapt ourselves to fit into that place or society as soon as we arrive there. We need time to change ourselves or our environment to adjust ourselves to the new place. The same thing will happen when we have to face a new society, a new condition and so on. So also with the time span.
To do adjustment with our environment, sometimes we need to change ourselves or sometimes, we need to change our environment.
For example, when the room we stay in is very hot in the summer time, we need to do changes to ourselves or to our environment. We can fan ourselves with a hand-made paper fan to cool ourselves. That is called changing ourselves. The other way is to change our environment instead of changing ourselves. That is, if we put an air conditioner in the room, we can change our environment to make us cool, without changing ourselves.
In this way, we all need to do adjustments in our lives, according to the time, place, or conditions. We need to do adjustments whenever there is a change in our environment or in our lives.
Here in Yangon, the most popular and interesting situation these days is the changed system in our bus lines. We have a new bus line system named the Yangon Bus Service (YBS), a great change in the bus lines and their systems. All people who need to take buses everyday to and from work, every housewife who needs to go shopping for their households, every driver who drives a taxi and every private car driver who needs to get through the thick traffic-jam, they all need to get to their destinations smoothly in time.
Nowadays, we can hear different opinions from different persons, some complaints because they had to pay more to get to the same place as before, some complaining because they had to change buses to get to their destinations, but some like this new system very much because they can reach their destinations smoothly in time.
Although we have different opinions, one thing for sure is that all persons in authority and responsibility have good will (Cetana) for all the people who have to use buses in their daily lives. Because this is a new system, both the passengers and the YBS (Yangon Bus Service) managers will need to do a whole lot of adjustments till they get used to the system. The passengers need to be patient and disciplined and the YBS managers need to get adequate feedback from the passengers and try to take corrective actions as quickly as possible. We can all agree that we need participation, coordination, cooperation and discipline. That is only one example.
Changing our country into a modern democratic federal union is another long march to a destination which all of us dream about. To make our dreams come true, we need to do a number of adjustments all along the way, changing both ourselves and our environment as well. One simple way is to start from the very small things.
For example, keeping our environment neat and tidy (i.e. what we need to do to build a beautiful and developed country), everybody has the responsibility not to throw trash on the streets, platforms or into the drains. If everyone took care of their duty and responsibility, it would be possible to change Yangon into a green and beautiful city or our country into a modern and developed country. For Yangon city to be clean and beautiful, it is not only the responsibility of the YCDC – Yangon City Development Committee workers but also the responsibility of every citizen living in the Yangon region. Therefore, before changing our environment, we need to change ourselves, especially our mind-sets. These are all adjustments we need to do build a country which is peaceful and beautiful to live in.
Also in Education, we have a Triangle of Education constructed with three sides, which represent Parents, Teachers and Students. If all these three sides took their responsibility seriously and did their duty, the Triangle of Education will turn out beautifully. But, it’s a great “But”, because if one side does not fulfill its responsibility well, the triangle cannot turn out beautifully. So that is also a field where we need to do a number of adjustments to reach a destination that we all desire.
That is why, the writer here has said, “Adjustment, Adjustment, everywhere” — we need to adjust ourselves as well as our environment.

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