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Advance voting begins in South Africa, Nanning of China on 7 Oct


Advance voting at Myanmar embassy in Bangkok, Thailand on 7 October.  Photo: MNA


Advance voting of Myanmar citizens started in South Africa and the Nanning city of China yesterday. Nine eligible voters cast their votes at the Myanmar Embassy in Pretoria of South Africa and 17 persons at the Myanmar Consulate-General in Nanning city of China. Moreover, Myanmar people continued advance voting, with 791 persons in Bangkok of Thailand, 71 in Cairo of Egypt, over 1,700 persons in Singapore, 93 persons in Seoul of the Republic of Korea and 402 persons in Tokyo of Japan.
More advance voting stations will be set up at Myanmar Embassy in New Delhi of India and at Myanmar Consulate-General in Kunming city of China on 8 October, and at Myanmar Embassy in Malaysia and in Nagoya city of Japan on 9 October respectively. —MNA (Translated by Aung Khin)

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