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Affordable river cruise opens in Mandalay

Floating Karaweik barge in the Ayeyawady River. Photo: Aung Thant Khaing
Floating Karaweik barge in the Ayeyawady River. Photo: Aung Thant Khaing

Aung Thant Khaing

LOCALS and tourists can now enjoy sunset views from a river cruise on the floating Karaweik barge in the Ayeyawady River.
The cruise offers hotel services equal to that of five-star-hotels. It costs K35,000 for a double room for local travellers. There are also double rooms or families of tourists at a rate ranging from US$70 to $120.   “The service is available two days per week,” said managing director Ko Kyaw Tun from the cruise company.
“We offer an affordable rate for everyone. Some might think it’s expensive. We cruise up and down the river in the evening when everyone can be free. We also offer entertainment programmes, including puppet shows, in the evening,” he added.  Locals can pay K10,000 to cruise along the river, while foreign tourists must pay $15. The ship cruises along Ayeyawady River from 3pm to 5 pm. Travellers can explore Shwe Kyetyet Jetty and enjoy views of Mingun. Beverages, coffee and desserts are served on-board. The Karaweik design symbolises the royal vessel used by ancient Myanmar monarchs. Astrological signs are carved on the front part of Karaweik barge. Ten Myanmar traditional arts
and crafts are carved on precious teak and used as decorations around the vessel, said Ko Kyaw Tun.
The triple-decker vessel is 41 feet high and has 39 rooms. The barge is 250 feet long and 70 feet wide. It is powered by 360 horsepower engines.

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