After Getting Well Matured

By Hu Wo (Cuckoo’s Song)

Mature individuals have a unique way of handling life’s uncertainties. Unlike many, they can endure and face unexpected challenges with courage and calmness.

The maturity of a person is dealing with his growing age to some degree. In most cases, as a person advances in years, he will mature for his age. Exceptionally, some children are precociously mature due to the fact that their real-life situations can wax and wane. Some people tend to get mature owing to their literature study. If you ask me, there should be found three kinds of personal maturity: physical, mental, and emotional. The fact of the matter is that no one can reach any of these well-matured states very quickly.
After a person has matured well, he likes to take notice of his physical appearance and activity. More care is taken to his health than before for the simple reason that nothing can be done without good health. While a person is still as fit as a fiddle, he knows that he had better attend his related social events as well as go for a short trip or a long journey more as and when. On clothes and cosmetics is spent as little money as possible, also getting aware that it saves materials and energy to lead a frugal life. A labour-saving life apparently reduces physical fatigue as well. Besides this, a person looks nice only in the clothes that he is wearing that fit his age or physical condition. After all, a mature person’s daily routines – food and drink, living standards, and manner altogether – are given to direct towards the best of his health only.
Everybody is living with uncertainty, of course. All of a sudden, something unexpected, whether good or bad, comes to crop up to anyone. Most people, except mature ones, are not able to endure such life suffering. Not only do well-matured persons get life sufferings well, but they also face and resolve them bravely as well as calmly, sometimes taking a risk. That is why they have had a wide variety of life experiences or effective and efficient literature study experience. The mature do not believe in potentially broken promises at all, even though they put a bold face on these words.
Conversely, they do not make a promise unconcernedly but keep their promises like their very life. Similarly, they learn to share duties and responsibilities with their colleagues in charge rather than they do that matter on their own terms, without having a finger in every pie. Their decision-making is willingly clear-cut and free from any regret to come. Most importantly, mature people are in a win-win situation in which they, too, know to forgive themselves and others, seeing that everything in the garden is rosy.
Emotional maturity is as important as the above-mentioned physical and mental maturity. Those who are mature can feel the loveship, which is defined from different perspectives, quite well. This means that they have no negative feelings about the loveship with anyone, such as depression, inferiority, anger, revenge, or even hatred. Every loveship naturally comes and goes to anybody for no apparent reason. A thing with some reason will be merely a love-hate relationship or a pleasant feeling. As a person is getting older, dissipation and drinking should be reduced or given up if possible. Mature people enjoy seeking happiness in work, job satisfaction, and interpersonal or intrapersonal peace instead of fun and games. They like passing through everyday life by taking up the religion of their belief, studying literature or language, having pets, domestic farming, and gardening. They show no tremble of fear in the face of life’s hardships and difficulties. Not getting involved in anything, not responding immediately, neglecting undesirable feelings, and doubt-friendly living are other characteristic traits of emotional maturity.
Mature people are on good terms with immature ones. A person cannot be said to have been mature unless he gets well with an immature one. Those, who are mature, live together with immature people by putting up with them, laying down strict rules but establishing a give-and-take relationship sometimes, and not losing any personal identity achievement. Often, the immature’s manner gets on mature people’s nerves. At this time, the mature should not fly into a violent temper like the immature. Instead of losing their temper, they philosophically respond to the persons who are not yet as mature as them. Above all, each and every mature individual knows about himself and is also used to treating immature people with consideration – they are nothing to him anymore.



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