Against all odds

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It comes as no surprise that there are some people who cannot help criticising whatever the government does. It is quite possible that when it comes to politics, there is no one-size-fits-all policy to equitable development, no matter whatever political system a government practises.
It is, therefore, necessary for all of us to consider calmly that our country is just undergoing a time of great change with the newly elected civilian democratic government in power. At this crucial juncture, we need to convince ourselves that change is absolutely not an abstract idea. This demonstrates that no process of reform will ever succeed without unclenching our fists and letting our shared hope burn in our hearts.
Since the price of inaction is high, the onus is on all of us to drive the odd people out of the reform process. Frankly speaking, a single odd one out in the political reform is one too many. If the government, the parliament and the people work together in harmony, our country will be back on track.
In the words of Franklin D Roosevelt, there are many ways to go forward while there is only one way to stand still. Clearly, our country has lagged far behind in terms of development as a direct consequence of poor management. Just as gems glitter by friction, people become mature by trial and error. We must make every effort to meet challenges with perseverance, strength and resolve in bringing our country back to its rightful place in the international community. Now is the time for us to shoulder our share of the responsibility for national development with a clear conscience.

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