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AGIPP to present gender equality paper at Panglong

A paper highlighting female participation in the peace process and political sphere will be presented at the 21st Century Panglong Conference by the Alliance for Gender Inclusion in the Peace Process (AGIPP), Myitmakha News Agency has been informed.
“Our aim is to secure more participation of women [in the peace process]. Ten analysts from our organization will attend [the Panglong Conference] and distribute out our report,” said Mi Kun Chan Non, central committee member of the AGIPP. The initiative was formally announced by the AGIPP at a press conference held in Yangon on August 29. The paper reportedly comprises three-sections, including a section of recommendations. But the paper’s scope covers more thematic areas than just female participation in the peace process as a whole. It also focuses on female involvement in education and healthcare sectors and the narcotics industry, with violence against women and gender discrimination also featured.    “The peace process will be more successful with the participation of women. They need to be given the right to participate, and we’ll continue to pressure the government. After all, it’s women who’ll bear the brunt of the side-effects of the peace process [if it’s unsuccessful],” said Daw Khin Lay, head of the Women Organization Network.—Myitmakha News Agency

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