Aid flows into N-Rakhine

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Muslim people from Barizar Village, Buthidaung Township, carry aid including rice bags and food on Saturday. Photo: MNA

Rakhine State government and the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement yesterday morning provided food for local ethnic nationals and Muslim villagers in Buthidaung Township, Maungtaw District.
“Today, our department, together with state government, is providing rice donated by some foreign countries and cooking oil, salt, and peas from the department to villages where local ethnic nationals were facing difficulties due to the ARSA extremist terrorists and to Muslim villagers who do not accept terrorist acts and want to live peacefully. Our department had provided food aid to all marshalling areas and is continuing by providing to villages.
Next day, we will continue to provide food aid to Muslim villages”, said Director U Kyaw Min of the Rakhine State Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Department.
Local ethnic villages of Ywama and Donthein and Muslim villages of Thityin and Thayizar, which have a total population of more than 1,500 in over 230 households were provided with over 100 bags of rice, 200 visses of cooking oil, 200 visses of pea and 50 visses of salt. Furthermore, elders above the age of 90 in the villages were each provided with cash support.
“My village is very happy for being provided with rice, cooking oil, salt and peas during the time when we are facing a food shortage. Every household needs this. We want to work peacefully. Due to the recent happenings, families in the village who lived peacefully were facing difficulties. We dare not go anywhere. Our villagers do not accept these terrorist acts”, said Ma Chawbica from Thityin Village, Ywama Group, Buthidaung Township. The state government and he Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement have been providing food with Tatmadaw helicopters and boats to persons displaced by the ARSA extremist terrorist attacks last month. After sufficient food was provided to all marshalling areas, the same agencies have started to provide food to villages. The efforts at providing aid and food will continue today.

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