Aid still flowing into Maungtaw villages

Flow of food, water and supplies continues into Maungtaw

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Aid from the US Agency for International Development are delivered to villagers in Maungtaw. Photo: MNA

The government and international organisations continued humanitarian aid to communities in Maungtaw, Rakhine State, delivering food and cash to the people from 18 February to 5 April.
The aid, which includes more than Ks439 million, 1,831 bags of rice, 1,496 viss of edible oil, 3,117 viss of salt and more than 3,734 viss of peas and beans, were arranged by the Ministry of Border Affairs, the Rakhine State Government and international organisations including the World Food Programme.
The total amount of aid from 4 October to 5 April has reached more than Ks736.62 million, more than 29,380 bags of rice, 7,669 viss of dried fish, 14,757 gallons of fuel, 22,826 viss of cooking oil, more than 16,861 viss of salt, more than 45,191 viss of peas and beans, 34,800 cans of fish, snacks including biscuits, 968 viss of onion, 5,659 viss of dried noodles, 77 packages of clothes, 322 packs of dried chili powder, 142 bags of seasonal powders, 56 bags of potatoes, dried vegetables, fish paste, 165 bags of dried chillies, 500 eggs, 88 mosquito nets, 30 harvesters, five generators, more than 57 tons of nutrition powder, 2,222 bags of flour, 12 tents, 3,000 radios, 465 solar panels and one vehicle.—Myanmar News Agency

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