Be alert and be aware of terrorists!


We have all already known that events of sudden armed attacks on border security outposts in bordering areas in Maungtaw district, Rakhine State on 9th October 2016 and 25th August 2017 were manipulated by the ARSA extremist terrorists. The extremists who infiltrated into Rakhine State organized the local Muslims, giving training lessons on terrorist attack methods, and making them launch terrorist activities and sudden attacks on border security outposts. These attacks killed security forces, government servicemen and local people, with many others wounded. It also resulted in most of the local residents abandoning their villages to leave for safer places. Similarly, local Muslims were displaced into Bangladesh.
Due to the events of the armed attacks, Myanmar and its people suffered a lot. On the wrong pretext of the victims taking shelter at the refugee camps in Bangladesh, the international community put pressure on Myanmar. As for the affairs of refugees, it is actually complicated. It can be seen that migrants and terrorist attackers mingled with those in the refugee camps.
Not only Myanmar but also the countries of the world have a great concern regarding the dangers of terrorists. Very recently, a certain level of peace and stability has been achieved in Rakhine. At the same time it has been heard that ARSA terrorists had infiltrated into the country to fight against the security forces. Terrorists actually made conspiracies to launch terrorist attacks hiding under the disguise of refugees in the refugee camps. Accordingly, the Myanmar authorities demanded Bangladesh to extradite the terrorists involved in the armed attacks.
At the 4th Myanmar-Bangladesh Central Level Meeting on Border Security and Law Enforcement Cooperation held in Nay Pyi Taw on 14th November 2017, Myanmar authorities gave a list of over 1300 ARSA terrorist members with their photos attached, to the Authorities, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It has been learnt that the Bangladeshi authorities have been requested to repatriate the ARSA terrorists for arrest in accordance with the agreement of cooperation on the border area signed in 1980.
At the first coordination meeting of the joint working group of repatriation of displaced people from Rakhine State, current activities launched by ARSA extremist terrorist groups had been officially informed and handover of the criminals had been demanded. Accordingly, we need to be alert and be aware of potential dangers of the ARSA extremist terrorists who are likely to infiltrate into the country, in such a time of implementing the process of repatriating displaced people who are going to come from the neighboring country.

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