All ethnic races are urged to cooperate in the 21st Century Panglong political dialogues with understanding, patience and coordination to find solutions: President U Win Myint

president officeThe following is an unofficial translation of President U Win Myint’s keynote speech at the commemoration of the 73rd Anniversary of Shan State Day.

“Mày sǔng khaa to all the ethnic brothers and sisters attending this commemoration of 73rd Shan State Day. I wish auspiciousness to all of you.”
“I would first like to extend my gratitude to the Shan State Chief Minister and his cabinet for inviting me to attend this celebration, and to the ethnic brothers and sisters who welcomed me with open arms upon my arrival.”
“Shan State Day is filled with unique and meaningful political meaning and essence for our Union. It was on this same day on 7 February seventy-three years ago that Shan ethnic leaders held a meeting with fellow hilly region Chin and Kachin ethnic leaders and made the historic decision to unite with the central plains and establish the Union, with a common spirit.”
“To commemorate this day where the decision to establish the Union together with the Union spirit is commemorated as Shan State day on 7 February, and we have now been celebrating it for 73 years of anniversary.”
“But our ethnic leaders’ dreams of solidarity, equality, democratic rights and autonomy being the fundamental principles of our Union, has yet to be fulfilled. Since gaining independence, ethnic races have been distrustful of each other and tried to resolve issues through armed force, resulting in a sea of disaster for the entire nation. The successive governments worked hard for peace, but failed to accomplish it due to various reasons,”
“We are taking steps towards democratic transition now. But for the newly-formed democracy to become resilient and sustainable, peace and development need to be paired, and everyone has accepted this. This is why, we as the government, have prioritized national reconciliation, union peace and development.”
“And on this path, for all ethnic races to have a democratic federal union they can all agree on and take pride in, we are working hard to set fundamental principles in our Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong meetings. There will be challenges and hardships in the future, and we need to coordinate with mutual understanding, respect and trust to achieve common agreements.”
“We as the government have always set our belief to establish a democratic federal union where all ethnic races living within the nation can coexist in harmony. We will move forward with the democratic federal union with firm convictions. The things all our ethnic brothers and sisters have been yearning such as democratic rights, basic human rights, equality and autonomy will be possible with the emergence of a democratic federal union accepted by all. For this all ethnic races across the nation need to participate and cooperate.”
“As we are all born of the same Union, we should increase understanding, trust and respect with each other and work hard through political dialogue – this is very important. All ethnic races are urged to cooperate in the 21st Century Panglong political dialogues with understanding, patience and coordination to find solutions.”
“No matter what difficulties we face during the democratic transition and federal republic establishment, we must overcome them with Union spirit based on strong will, perseverance, conviction and wisdom.”
“May we revive the unity of the Panglong spirit from 73 years ago, may all ethnic nationals cooperate in establishing a democratic federal union, may Shan State residents and all citizens of the nation be blessed with good fortune and may all their good wishes be fulfilled, and may the Shan State and the entire Union achieve peace, prosperity and development. Thank you.”

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