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All hands should be on deck in efforts to resettle IDPs


The Union Government is taking further steps for the resettlement of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and closure of IDP camps in Kachin, Shan, Rakhine, and Kayin states.
In efforts to provide shelter to persons displaced by armed conflicts, IDP camps have been opened temporarily. The situation has disrupted their livelihood, health, and access to education as they have to live in temporary shelters after abandoning their villages.
Temporary shelters should remain temporary. Continued residence in the camps will result in social chaos for IDPs later. Once the resettlement and rehabilitation of IDPs are on the right track, the camps need to be shut down. However, when it comes to the closure of IDP camps, we must not lose sight of our special goal of IDP resettlement with safety and dignity. Before closing down camps, the political, social, and security aspects of the IDP camps in Kachin, Kayin, and Shan states must be given consideration.
The national-level strategy was written in keeping with current requirements and Myanmar law, and it meets international standards. The strategy would also support the implementation of works, in accordance with the basic social principles of the Union Accord of the second session of the Union Peace Conference—21st Century Panglong.
However, it is a requirement to draw a separate work plan for each region and to implement it in the long run because all regions/states are different.
To ensure safe resettlement in Kachin and Kayin states, the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement has been working with the Tatmadaw and ethnic armed organizations for landmine-clearance and raising public awareness about mines.
At the same time, we are confident that the difficulties faced in the initial tasks can be turned into opportunities after listening to the voices of women and children IDPs, while drawing separate work programs.
Taking a holistic approach for long-term stability, security, and sustainable development of IDPs, we look forward to constructive cooperation from the international community in our efforts to ensure that all displaced persons can resume their lives in conditions of safety, dignity, and full enjoyment of the rights they deserve.
Closing down IDP camps depends on the peace, stability, and development in the respective areas.
Local communities, civil organizations, international organizations, and UN agencies are urged to cooperate with the government in its commitment to end the issue in the country.

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