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Nai Win Htut (a) Nai Mya Win of All Mon Regions Democracy Party.
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Nai Win Htut (a) Nai Mya Win, Central Committee Member of All Mon Regions Democracy Party presented the policy, outlook and future plans of their party on Radio and TV on 2 February 2017.
The text of his presentation is given below.
I hereby respectfully greet all ethnic nationals, living in the Mon Region by saying, “Mingalar bar.”
All Mon Regions Democracy Party was formed on 7 April 2010 in accord with the desires of the Mon Reverend Sayadaws and Mon nationals were all desirous of having a Mon political party to represent all Mon nationals and that there should be only one party to take part in the general elections to be held under the 2008 Constitution.
I will present the policy and political outlook of the AMRDP.
1. For all citizens to enjoy democracy and human rights to the full.
2. To build national unity based on equality and self-determination.
3. For the emergence of a genuine multi-party democracy system.
4. For the emergence, consolidation and perpetuation a genuine Federal Union.
5. To fight against bribery and corruption.
6. To work for social and economic progress.
7. To work for the development a peaceful global community.
AMRDP will represent all Mon nationals through free, just and fair elections held in accord with the democratic practices. AMRDP contested in 2010, 2012 and 2015 elections and it will again contest in the 2017 by-election.
Following the 2015 general election, the National League for Democracy Party won and formed the government. The incumbent government is continuing to hold the political and ceasefire talks which had been initiated by the previous government. Internal armed conflicts which had started since 1948 have not yet ended but are still continuing up to this moment. The armed conflicts which have been continuing for 69 years have claimed many lives and destroyed enormous amounts of properties. As known by all citizens, the dignity, especially, that of women and children had been greatly harmed.
The only way to escape from these sufferings and worries is to build internal peace and to maintain eternal peace. The only way to solve the root cause of the internal armed conflicts is to build internal peace and eternal peace. This is none other than to have in place a nationwide ceasefire and from that stage to work towards eternal peace through political dialogues, which is a new political culture.
Inequality among ethnic groups and among Regions and States, lack of ethnic and regional rights, lack of rights for self-determination, loss of rights to revive and preserve national identity of ethnic nationals, inequality in enjoying the benefits natural resources, lack of right to self-rule, lack of equality in sovereignty, preponderance of Big race chauvinism and narrow-minded racial views have been the causes for the emergence of armed conflicts. Though arms have been used to solve internal armed conflicts for nearly 70 years, the goal of ending conflicts is still far away.
Due to failure to reach the state of all-inclusive dialogue for nationwide ceasefire, inability to hold national level political dialogues, in performing the existing nationwide ceasefire process, peace and eternal peace must be said to be still far away. As long as peace and eternal peace are still not within our reach, we will be far from building a Union based on federalism and democracy which will guarantee equality that ethnic nationals and the State has longed for. As long as we are still far from building a Federal Union, we will be far from peace and eternal peace.
AMRDP will co-operate with all other nationals and ethnic national groups for building a federal union which has peace, eternal peace and self-determination.
Various kinds of ethnic national have lived together in our country since time immemorial. AMRDP will try to build a federal union with less central control. Simultaneously, re-drafting of the true federal union constitution that Mon nationals, people living in Mon Region and other nationals longed for, compiling Mon State Constitution, sending equal parliamentarians from States and Regions into Amyotha Hluttaw, attaining more rights to legislate ethnic and State affairs in Amyotha Hluttaw, forming State Cabinets under the leadership of Chief Minister chosen by majority votes from local representatives, acquisition of rights to act within the framework of law, concerning national affairs, languages, literature and culture of ethnics, especially, designating ethnic language and literature, inter alia, as the official ones, will be performed. And we will work for the right to use the Mon language during school hours in schools in Mon State under the constitution.
In conclusion, AMRDP will try hard to cooperate with all nationals for achieving peace and eternal peace, and simultaneously to build the Union based on democracy and federalism that will guarantee equality. With our deep promise that we will try our best to build the Union in future, which is the true federal union in which all the respective States have their respective national identities. In conclusion I request you to vote for me, a candidate for Chaungzon constituency.
I send my heartfelt wish to you all to have mental and physical happiness.(Unofficial Translation)

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