All national races coming together to turn Myanmar into a peaceful, modern and prosperous democracy, are a matter of utmost importance

Nay Pyi Taw, 15 Dec — The following is unofficial translation of the message sent by President Agga Maha Thayay Sithu, Agga Maha Thiri Thudhamma U Thein Sein on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of Rakhine State Day.
Esteemed all national people,
I am honoured to extend my warmest greetings to all the brethren residing in Rakhine State on this auspicious occasion of the 40th anniversary of Rakhine State Day, which falls on 15 December.
It was on 15 December 1975 that the Rakhine State People’s Council held a referendum on the approval of the State Constitution of 1974, which designated Rakhine as a state. Rakhine State has since celebrated its birthday without missing a single year.
Rakhine boasts the Rakhine mountain ranges stretching from the north to the south, the Bay of Bengal, the pleasant Ngapali beach, the Kyaukpyu deep-sea port and the fertile terrain in the north, all of which are rich in aboveground and underground natural resources. Mrauk-U, a medieval town and archaeological site, is regarded as a repository of invaluable cultural heritage.
In Rakhine State, the government has done everything in its capacity to develop human resources by opening universities, colleges, technical high schools and basic education schools, and to provide proper health care by opening hospitals and clinics. In addition, steps are being taken to develop the region’s electricity grid in a bid to light every part of Rakhine State. Transport facilities, such as highways, internal roads and railroads are being extended to ensure better links with other states and regions. Natural resources, human resources, the Kyaukpyu special economic zone project, the Ponnagyun industrial zone project and the Kaladan River Basin development project all show great promise of infrastructural development in the region.
The violence that broke out between the two communities in Rakhine State has now remained stable. It is therefore imperative that the people of Rakhine State, while maintaining the stability that has been achieved, should work in tandem with both the union government and the regional government for the all-round development of the region.
All national races coming together to turn the Republic of the Union of Myanmar into a peaceful, modern and prosperous democracy, are a matter of the utmost importance. In doing so, all national people of the Rakhine State are urged to join hands in unity and amity.

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