All roads should lead to Rome

Myint Win Thein

Sometimes completely different organisations have to work toward a common goal as it reflects their common interest. At such times, there is a precious saying to remember, “All roads lead to Rome”. The saying refers to the fact that many routes can lead to a given result. It also means that a process should be flexible enough to allow for all stakeholders to participate in a united effort to achieve a common goal. As each stakeholder holds a different point of view and comes from a different background, it is natural that stakeholders tend to prefer a particular process to others to proceed to the common goal. What is most important is not the process but the goal.
When the process is to achieve and the common goal is too rigid, some stakeholders may have difficulty following a particular route and it will take more time and negotiations. In addition, some stakeholders may fall behind others.
On the other hand, too much time and too much negotiation on the process may take their toll and may also force some stakeholders to lose sight of the common goal and as a result, the rest also will not achieve it. However, the common goal is an ultimate aim and no one can afford to lose it. Everyone wants to make the world a better place to live.
Therefore, it is important that a process should be flexible if it is to achieve a common goal. All roads should lead to Rome.

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