Alms donated to mark 264th anniversary of late King Alaungphaya

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The image depicts a statue of the late King Alaungphaya U Aung Zeya, founder of the Third Myanmar Kingdom.

The descendants of the Konbaung Dynasty donated alms in celebration of the 264th anniversary of the death of King Alaungphaya U Aung Zeya and in remembrance of those who have passed away due to various causes, marking the eighth time such an event has taken place in Mandalay on 3 June.
The meritorious deeds performed at Myaynikyin Monastery in Mandalay aim to share merits with 11 kings, including King Alaungphaya, as well as queens, their family members, relatives, and royal servants who served during the Konbaung Dynasty.
The first charity event was held in 2017, marking the 257th anniversary of the king’s death. — TWA/TH

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