Amyotha Hluttaw agrees to discuss Bill Revoking Fisheries Law


THE Amyotha Hluttaw agreed to discuss a bill to revoke the 1991 Freshwater Fisheries Law put forward by a parliamentarian yesterday.
It is aimed at avoiding confusion between the 1991 Law and freshwater fisheries laws promulgated by some region/state Hluttaws, said MP U Hsan Myint who submitted the bill to the parliament.
Some Region/ State Hluttaws have enacted their own freshwater fisheries laws in accord with table 2 of the 2008 Constitution, he added.
“As the freshwater fisheries laws enacted in respective regions and states are suitable for their own regions, they use their own laws. The 1991 Law should be revoked as the two laws will likely cause confusion if both are on the books.”
The Amyotha Hluttaw representative called for the promulgation of freshwater fisheries law by remaining region/state Hluttaws, taking necessary measures into consideration for mitigation of disputes between fish breeders and farmers.
We need a good law that can settle disputes arising from weak rules and regulations of the freshwater fisheries law, he said.
During the 21st day session of the Amyotha Hluttaw the Bill Committee read out a report on the Bill Revoking Duties and Powers of People’s Councils and Executive Committees of Various Levels, and a lawmaker submitted a third revised bill to amend the Ward or Village Administration Law.
The Amyotha Hluttaw Bill Committee said that submission of the third revised bill amending the Ward or Village Administration Law is aimed at ensuring the election of ward or village administrators in accord with democratic standards and the desires of the people.


Thein Ko Lwin with the Myanmar News Agency

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