An Independent Road to Walk On

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Myanmar digital newsBy Thike Soe Tun (Nat Ywar)

Joyous Independence Day of Myanmar is just around the corner for us. In the past, the people of Myanmar lived a life of happiness and prosperity with our own monarchy and liberty. Due to overwhelming wave of colonialism rolling in the world, Myanmar went down into subjugation in 1885.
Most respected and venerable See Bann Nee Sayardaw once had written a remarkable verse refection the lives of the people of Myanmar in that era of suppression. The verse vividly depicted the situation that of the downfall of a monarchy and its people into zero value of nothingness; and that of emptiness in servitude was not actually worth living, but stepping into demise is much better.

Crossing bumpy road
However, many people came to realize that the situation in the country is needed to stand up and gather for strength, force and power, and then fight back to get the sovereignty and independence in the nation.
A long journey of hard struggle on the bumpy road was being exerted to regain independence and sovereignty, sacrificing the lives of people in flesh, blood and bone with much patience.
We regained the independence on 4 January 1948, and that the time had flown away for (71) years. Indeed the post- independence period stretched over a very long time, in which we had witnessed that of successes and also failures; that of unity and split events; that of peace and prosperity in conjunction with dreadful episodes.

Goal of Eternal Peace
Due to suspicion and hatred among the nationalities, the civil wars and internal conflicts broke out erupting off and on in the country, and that the days and years stretched out in chaotic and unstable conditions. The dark shadow of arms conflicts are still going on in the country until today.
Now it is time to take lessons from the bitter experiences, and that if we stayed on with such disunity, the country would be in a nightmare. We regained independence due to the selfless sacrifices of our ancestors, which they had not enjoyed in their lifetime. For the sake of their gratitude, we need to walk on into the future with unity in building the nation.
We are indeed enjoying the fruits of independence that our ancestors planted and, therefore, we need to give back by striving for the ultimate destination they aspired to and dreamt of.
When our ancestors fought for the independence, they also had vision for better nation and laid down their ambition and goals. Although we had passed the journey of (70) years, the aims and objectives of our ancestors have not been completed so far.

Band of brothers in building
Before regaining independence, all the brethren fought for sovereignty with unity, and also determined in building a Union without carving out flat lands and hilly regions. However, the post -independence gradually saw the split stories that led to civil wars. The conflicts should be stopped totally at this juncture, and that the past split episodes must be curtailed.
Today, all the nationalities are heading for eternal peace hand in hand, and we have achievement and development with solid agreements on basic principles at Union Pease Conference – 21st Panglong. We have things to carry out in our future plan.
All the nationalities need to walk on the independent road to arrive at the goal of Union peace, and the goal of national reconciliation.
Lack of independence means the existence and staying under the shadow of extreme ideology and influence of some organizations.

Future road ahead
The human culture is changing and developing at all times, and that one should not keep thinking and believe that the bitter past events and episodes would repeat again in our lives.
It does not necessarily means that the past events were not important and vital. Of course, it has own value and significance. However, if we reflect the past events only and see each other with suspect and mistrust, then we will not be able to move ahead towards the destination.
The past events are meant to take and consider as lessons to learn. While we were under the subjugation, we were united, and thus we regained independence. However, after regaining independence, we were lack in unity, and as a result, we achieve very little success in nation building.
Looking at lessons, one could understand that unity is very much vital in building a nation and it is therefore, the future journey should be pursued in correct vision and unity.
Another factor to notice is that when we are pursuing for eternal peace, one should not think that he is merely fulfilling the desire and wish of other people and organization. One should decide independently on the basis of his outlook, and for the good of own nationalities and the upcoming generation.
If one lean on and sided with other organization, then he might not be in the status of independent. One day he might be off track. If one keep on own track with independent mind, it would last long.
Stepping towards pace goal
Full independent means, there is no influence whatsoever. Some people wanted to see a nation in peace and sustainable development, and some people wanted to see the diverse nationals are fighting among other. These sorts of people can be seen inside the country as well as outside of the country.
If someone is under the influence of others, one should try to escape from that shadow, and that no assistance and aids should be taken because the other side has hidden agenda for their interest. They may provide one hundred, with the expectation of one thousand back in return.
In the past, we were in disunity and fighting each other, but now we have to stop all conflicts, and we must understand on that unity factor and accept it.
Good situation and good timing
One can have a look over the basic principles of the state, the performance of the tasks being carried out by the leadership, the aspiration and ambition, which are integrated with justice, liberty and equality. Therefore, it is a good time to arrive at in achieving eternal peace and national reconciliation. Suppose if we achieved these goals, then it is the achievements of all nationalities and they are to be enjoyed by all.
On each anniversary of the independence day, the lessons of the past history were passed on to the new generation, so that the younger generation might be able to use them wisely avoiding the wrong activities, and keeping up the good thing for the better future.
While handing down the past lessons, experiences and events to the upcoming generation, the elder generation is reflecting and creating the best possible ways and means for pragmatic use. Now is the time that we are forging ahead towards the goal of eternal peace. If all the nationalities walk on the road with independent spirit, then we are sure in arriving at the goal.
The goal is not at far away venue, but at a place that we could reach at, and that it could be reached when all the nationalities come together. There are things to be done on the road ahead, and that all the brethren must sit at the political round table and made agreements.
On the journey, we must be free from influence and manipulation from others, and that is the way to arrive at the goals such as the eternal peace, the national reconciliation, and the building of democracy federal union.

Standing up and develop
The independence is the heritage given by our ancestors by sacrificing flesh, blood and bone so that we could stand up and develop in a sovereign nation, which we could termed as good luck. In this regard, we have the responsibly to add more value to our national heritage, and we have determined to go for it.
The writer of this article would like to conclude and pledge that we must all work in unity and walk on the full independent road without influence of others. Translated by UMT (Ahlon)

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