An Open Letter to Countries Backing NUG and PDF Groups’ Acts of Terrorism

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Photo record describing PDFs’ killing of innocent civilians in Hsonywa village, Myingyan Township.

As I have seen the news about brutal and inhumane terrorist murders of NUG and PDF groups, which are circulating on social media platforms these days, I wrote this open letter as a responsible citizen to inform those who are backing terrorists.
Since 8 May 2024, a video file of terrorists killing each other circulating on social media platforms is a heart-wrenching sight for anyone who sees it. This video recording is a true story that happened in Gangaw Township, Magway Region. At the scene, four people tied their hands back and were interrogated and mercilessly killed. The murderers were the terrorist leader Sanay and his followers, who detained, interrogated and killed some of their own members who were killed in the pretext of running away after they had stolen valuable belongings gained in robber from the civilians. In the video, everyone can see that the victims were cut ears as well as body parts and beheaded. The act of violence seen in the video is unacceptable for any reason, and it is believed that the people doing those killings are inhumane and on drugs. As everyone who had watched these scenes would be heartbroken, I think nobody should abet such kind of cruel and brutal terrorists.
Another phenomenon is the mass killing of innocent people by terrorists. On 9 May 2024, PDF terrorists willfully launched shell attacks as well as fired small arms at Hsonywa village in Myingyan Township, Mandalay Region, under the pretext of opposition to them and a different mindset from theirs. Terrorists’ shells landed on the residential houses in the village where only innocent civilians live, killing a total of 32 locals, 17 men and 15 other women, and injuring a total of 14 residents: five men and nine other women. Moreover, 50 houses were destroyed by fire. It is learnt that such terrorist attacks aimed at unarmed civilians and children were among the deaths.
As per the manipulation of the NUG group, the PDF groups have evidently been committing violent war crimes such as merciless killings of people, wilful attacks over non-military targets (i.e. civilian targets) and destructive attacks against health as well as education sectors. Their crimes are frequently seen and heard, with evidence in their statements and on social media reports.
If we view the current conflicts in Myanmar rationally, people can clearly witness that NUG and PDFs practise violent killings of people and extremism under the pretext of political gain. Some countries are informally engaging with NUG. Actually, they want to pressure Myanmar to topple the SAC government in Myanmar and try to support it in various forms, NUG and PDFs. Thus, they have ignored terrorists’ attacks on non-military targets (i.e. civilian targets) and violent killings of civilians. Such kind of actions should not be done. Due to those countries’ irresponsible behaviour and support for acts of terrorism, a series of mass murders occur again and again in Myanmar. Those countries’ actions, such as supporting financial assistance, granting asylum to and making unofficial engagement with NUG and PDFs, amount to the recognition and support for terrorist acts of the NUG and PDFs.
As the PDF group is a disorganized armed group which has been formed in a state of chaos, PDF members are later committing mutual murder crimes of their own members for various reasons in addition to killings targeted at unarmed people.
It is impossible that the countries engaging the NUG and PDFs, including the United States, do not know about the murder crimes of the NUG and PDFs. Video recordings of PDF members’ violent killings are widely spreading on social media platforms, and thus, countries will have received reports from relevant embassies and offices of military attaches.
Organizations working to fight against terrorism also sent news to the international community, highlighting the terrorist acts of NUG and PDF groups. It is amazing that the United States is so recklessly supporting those terrorist organizations.
It is found that the US government has announced it will provide non-lethal aid and humanitarian aid to NUG, PDF groups and armed insurgent groups in Myanmar from the aid fund in the fiscal year of 2024. Despite the title of nonlethal aid, we all know that, in reality, the US aid became transformed into subsidization of acts of terrorism and weapon procurement. In addition, the neglect of the United States and its partner countries on the terrorist acts committed by NUG and PDF groups and their support to them gives moral strength to the NUG and PDF groups. Thus, they continue to carry out such brutal acts boundlessly.
Therefore, I’d like to convey the message through the letter that the United States needs to thoroughly observe and verify the actual situation in Myanmar instead of being led astray by the misinformation circulated by lobby news agencies who oppose the SAC government. This letter aims to point out a noteworthy fact that the precious funds of the American people should not be used for those who create terrorism and commit acts of violence. Likewise, this letter lets the countries which have made informal engagements with NUG know that their actions amount to incitement to PDF terrorists.
I’d like to ask you not to support NUG and PDF terrorists in order to prevent the spread of the new form of terrorism in regional countries. The new form of terrorism has been created by NUG and PDF groups, who are making attempts to achieve their political goals through armed violence.
Now, supporters at home and abroad no longer believe in NUG leaders and lobbyists because people have seen and heard about their financial scandals regarding the funds that the people have fraudulently raised. Again, top leaders of NUG and lobbyists are living a life of luxury by buying houses and cars and having parties after they have brought their families abroad. Moreover, mutual accusations against each other are happening among them, and they gradually become disunited. Most of the people at home have figured out that NUG and PDFs are trying to achieve political goals through the wrong armed approach. Thus, a decline in support for NUG and PDFs can be seen at home. People are especially disgusted at and hateful of killings of innocent civilians who are not related to politics and the military.
I, as a peaceable person, wrote this open letter to call on the international community to stop supporting NUG and PDFs, who are committing violent crimes, including inhumane murders, so that the aforementioned terrorist acts of NUG and PDFs will not happen again in Myanmar.

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