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An township IPRD conducts an interview with a retired headmaster on World Teachers’ Day

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Interviewee — a retired headmaster.

The Department of Information and Public Relations in An Township, Kyaukphyu District, Rakhine State, conducted the following interviews with a retired headmaster on the occasion of World Teachers’ Day, which falls on 5 October.
Q: Mingala Par Sayagyi. Could you please tell me your name and your address?
A: My name is U Khin Maung Kyi, I was retired as a primary school headmaster. I live in No (3) Zay ward in An Township.
Q: I would like to know the year you retired.
A: I retired on 18th September 2018.
Q: Please share about the schools you worked in and activities you did before you retired.
A: I started working in the education sector in 1980 at Basic Education Primary School in Myauk village. I was a Primary assistant teacher in Nyaungchaung in 1985 and Kanzali village in 1986. I became a headmaster in Mee Laung Chaung village in 1990. I worked as the primary school headmaster for 24 years in Sankyi Ywar Thar Yar village in 1991. Afterwards, I became the school headmaster in the post-primary school in No (5) Zay Taung ward. I was retired in 2018.
Q: I would like to know the importance of teachers in raising children and students to become decent people?
A: The role of teachers is very important. A patient dies if the wrong injection is given by a doctor. If a teacher nurtures wrongly, almost a whole new generation can be dysfunctional. Even basics are important. If a teacher teaches wrong basic typos, it can’t be deleted in the future of the student. We have to constantly teach them the right things during our service.
Q: Do you have something to say on this occasion, on World Teachers’ Day?
A: It is joyful that teachers are honoured with this day. It is undeniable that teachers would be happy on this day as it is celebrated all over the world. I also rejoice when there are such honours.
Q: Could you say something to the new generations, students and young people?
A: I want them to respect elders and to be compassionate to younger people, and live following the Buddha’s teaching.
Q: Thank you very much for this interview.
A: I am happy that I could have an interview on World Teachers’ Day.

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