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Analyze true and false information for every event

In the information age, most people are always of hunger for catching news and information benefiting them and for improving their lives and environs. It is the nature of the information technology age.
But there is an important factor that true information can benefit society as well as build a better world whereas misinformation intends to destroy society, bringing disadvantages to the world. As such, all news hunters need to choose and analyze the information whenever they have.
Misinformation, disinformation, false news, fake news, fabricated news and extorted information never bring advantages to society but accumulate the society with disadvantages. Various items of information including both true and false ones are manipulated by the media. In this regard, the role of media is of importance. It is because powerful media can monopolize the circulation of information and situations based on true and false.
As such, information users need to analyze whenever they see any item of information. So also, people need to notice the nature of media which produce the information. Some media and news agencies are righteous in releasing information and news without bias but some media outlets issue news items based on correct and wrong facts as they like with attention to manipulate the media arena for the sake of their interests.
Currently, most of the various types of media outlets located across the world as well as in Myanmar are attempting to seek benefits for their businesses. Although the incident is correct as released by the government, merged media outlets can change the situation with their influential power in the media arena by shifting the true information with the fabricated ones. So, it is noticeable that the nature of media outlets is always shaking the information arena based on their techniques and partners.
Hence, news users need to notice the information and its sources. Only when people can carefully analyze the news items based on every event can they approve the information about what event is right and what is wrong. In this regard, people can gradually find what media outlets release information without bias, what news agencies try to attempt to monopolize the media arena with the use of various ways and means and what media agencies issue the correct information mixed with false news.
Practically, people can understand the nature of information what is a universal truth, and what is based on pretending the world. Whatever it may be, truth and correctness are universal truths. Misinformation and false and fake news cannot influence true news forever.

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