Ancient architectural works of Bagaya monastery attract local and foreign visitors


Religious monuments and historical architecture are the top attractions for the many domestic and international tourists visiting Mandalay who make the day trip to Amarapura, Inwa and Sagaing towns.
Inwa is an ancient imperial capital of successive Myanmar kingdoms from the 14th to 19th centuries. According to historical records, 31 Myanmar kings ruled Inwa in successive eras. The ancient capital was unfortunately destroyed by a series of major earthquakes in March 1839.
At the city dating back more than 400 years, visitors can see architecture incorporating traditional Myanmar handicrafts. Among the ancient edifices, Bagaya monastery, built of large teak posts, is particularly popular among visitors.
The 188-foot-long and 103-foot-wide monastery was commissioned by King Bagyidaw (1813-1937 A.D.) and includes 267 teak posts, the largest of which is nine feet in diameter. The monastery was installed with five brick ladders which were decorated with magnificent Myanmar handicrafts and sculptures.—Tein Taman

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