Ancient gold-coloured coins found in Rakhine State

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Coins found by a resident in Kyaukpyu Township, Rakhine State in early February.

OVER 40 gold-coloured coins with different designs have recently been discovered by a local woman in Kyaukpyu Township in Rakhine State, according to residents.
Daw Ma Shwe Kyi found 41 coins buried in the ground while she was digging the soil to collect white yams around Theiktaunggyi Mountain near Kanpyinsu Ward in Sanae Town in February. Her spouse, U Maung Khin Shwe, thinks that the coins were made from the time of the Arakanese Kingdom, as he found words written in the Arakanese language on the surface of the coins. The couple wishes to give the coins to the Department of Archaeology National Museum and Library in MraukU Township to see if they could receive an appropriate amount of money for them.
U San Tun Shwe, a town elder, shared his knowledge of history and said some Arakanese concealed their valuables such asa gold jewelry, coins and Buddha statues in the earth when they abandoned their residences during battles in 1784, when the Arakanese Kingdom was conquered by the Bodaw U Waing, the sixth king of the Konbaung Dynasty of Myanmar, after which Rakhine became part of the Konbaung kingdom of Myanmar.
Arakan has a 5,000-year-old language and a rich culture, the elderly added.

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