Ancient monuments in Royal Mandalay City need preservation

22 (1) - CopyMandalay, 16 March — Domestic and foreign tourists have urged authorities to preserve historic monuments at risk of falling into disrepair in Royal Mandalay City, including a park containing the statues of nine former kings and the Union monument.
Opened in 1992 near Mya Nan Sankyaw Golden Palace, the park is home to statues of King Alaungpaya, King Kyansittha and King Bayintnaung.
The park is also located near tombs of King Mindon and his queen. Due to lack of maintenance, the Sabbath Hall of King Mindon, a coin factory and tombs of the king and queen have been left covered with bushes.
Travellers have criticised the state of the attraction, saying the bushes need to be trimmed from around the ancient monuments. Maung Pyi Thu (Mandalay)

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