Announcement about spreading election disinformation


1. In the 2020 General Election, voters aged 60 and above cast their advance votes at the polling stations of their relevant Election Sub-commissions in accordance with the regulations.
2. The Union Election Commission would like to express thanks to the relevant negotiating committees and officials for their constructive and proper coordination in resolving difficulties encountered in the advance voting processes.
3. However, some officials from some political parties expressed (by saying, writing, or sharing posts on Facebook) that they were having problems with advance voting processes.
4. It is learnt that those information consist of not only correct information but also false facts, exaggerations, the facts that can mislead voters by concealing accurate information, and indirect facts.
5. Saying, writing or sharing incorrect information and baseless information is disrupting the voting processes and the elections, so it is a violation of section 58(d) of the relevant Hluttaw Election Law.

Union Election Commission

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