Announcement for observation of advance voting process

UEC1. The voters who are unable to come to the polling booths to vote in the 8 November Election Day for various reasons despite being in constituencies will have to cast advance votes on 6-11-2020 and 7-11-2020 at their respective ward/village tract election sub-commissions.
2. Moreover, the following eligible voters who are admitted to hospitals or detained or have to travel with State’s duties outside their constituencies will have to cast advance votes at ward/village tract election sub-commissions from 29-10-2020 to 7-11-2020.
(a) Union Government and Union-Level Organizations members
(b) Regions/States government members and regions/states level organizations members
(c) region/state and district election sub-commissions members
(d) those really need to cast votes in advance to serve election duties
3. The Union Election Commission, due to the current outbreak of COVID-19, has released the statements and so the following eligible voters will have to cast advance votes at their respective ward/village tract election sub-commissions during the fixed date, time and places from 25-10-2020 to 7-11-2020.
(a) Voters away from their original constituencies and unable to return to the respective constituencies
(b) the ward/village tract election sub-commissions concerned shall arrange for the advance voting of persons aged 60 years and above and residing in the townships under the Stay-at-Home order and in the townships with dense population (over 5,000 persons in one square kilometre) to be able to cast votes at their homes.
(c) the eligible voters aged 60 years and above in other townships (they can cast their advance votes at ward/village tract election sub-commissions).
(d) the eligible voters under quarantine (Facility Quarantine, Hotel Quarantine, Community-Based Facility Quarantine, Home Quarantine of secondary contact, locked down,…).
4. Therefore, it is here by announced that the Hluttaw candidates, the representatives of elections, heads of polling stations, assistant representatives, members of local or foreign election monitoring groups and the media can observe the voting processes by communicating with the respective township/ward/village tract election sub-commissions in accordance with the COVID-19 health guidelines without any offences to the eligible voters.

Union Election Commission

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