Announcement for voters ahead of 2020 General Election


1. Union Election Commission has announced eligible voters lists on notice boards at the relevant wards/village-tracts sub-commission offices and villages for 14 days, from 25-7-2020 to 7-8-2020 for the first time. The voters need to check the lists, and if necessary, they can do to add their names using Form -3 in the lists of eligible voters, to make complaints to those who are not eligible in the list using Form -4 and to submit a data-correction form using Form (4-c).
2. The Union Election Commission will recompile the complete eligible voter lists making addition, subtraction or correction to the lists supervised of the relevant Township Sub-Election Commission.
3. After the process of addition, subtraction or correction in relations to the request of voters, the second edition of voter lists will be announced (again) for 14 days in October 2020. The voters, who failed to submit their requests for addition, subtraction or correction in the first announcement for any reason, may ask (again) for addition, subtraction or correction of voter lists.
4. A person will be able to vote only if his or her name is included in the relevant list of eligible voters. In order to get complete and accurate lists of eligible voters, the people are requested to cooperate with election officials by sending at least one person from each household to the relevant election offices to check the list.

Union Election Commission

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