Announcement of deadline for filing Form 15 application of voters who are unable to return to their original constituency due to healthcare guidelines for travelling related to COVID-19

UEC1. The Union Election Commission has issued an announcement on 8 October 2020, mentioning that voters away from their original constituency and unable to return to the respective constituency can file Form 15 application to the election sub-commission in their temporary residing areas for adavance voting not to lose their voting right.
2. The township sub-commissions that receive Form-15 applications will send the documents to the township sub-commisisons in original consitutency of voters through email or fax for scrutinizing. However, after checking the Form 15 applications with the voter lists of respective ward/village tracts, the process of sending and getting back the advance voting paper and envlopes between the two places will be carried out by official delivery system of mail.
3. Due to the existing situation in relation to COVID-19 control measures of respective areas, local situations, transport and distance, it is expected to take 7 days for sending and another 7 days for receiving the documents. The documents that did not reach to the election sub-commissions of respective townships before 4 pm ahead of the election day will be the rejected votes, causing to lose voter rights.
4. Therefore, the voters included in the paragraph 1 need to file Form 15 applications to the election sub-commissions in the residing areas not later than 25-10-2020, and the election sub-commission of respective townships will have to send the advance vote papers and envelopes of voters to the sub-commission of related township in time.

Union Election Commission

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