Announcement of elected Amyotha Hluttaw representatives

UECRepublic of the Union of Myanmar
Union Election Commission
Announcement 236/2020
12th Waning of Thadingyut, 1382 ME
(12 November 2020)

Announcement of elected Amyotha Hluttaw representatives

Elected Amyotha Hluttaw representatives in the multiparty democracy general elections on 8 November 2020 and their constituencies are announced from the reports of election sub-commissions in the respective regions and states as per Section 49 (b) of Amyotha Hluttaw Election Law.

Kachin State 
1.U Soe Naing Kyaw1/YaKaNa (N) 009924Number (3)NLD 
2.Dr Khin Ma Gyi1/MaKaTa (N) 008395Number (6)NLD 
Kayah State 
3.U Phyay Ye2/LaKaNa (N) 051655Number (11)NLD 
4.U Khun Shwe Htee (a) U Swe Htee2/LaKaNa (N) 051330Number (12)NLD 
Taninthayi Region 
5.U Kyaw Zeya Soe6/YaPhaNa (N) 057242Number (4)NLD 
6.U Zaw Hein6/KaSaNa (N) 070718Number (7)NLD 
7.Daw Thida6/KaSaNa (N) 046296Number (8)NLD 
8.U Myat Phyo Win6/PaLaNa (N) 003305Number (10)NLD 
9.U Tin Wai6/MaAhYa (N) 028463Number (11)NLD 
10.U Min Zaw Tint6/MaMaNa (N) 114845Number (12)NLD 
Bago Region 
11.Dr Win Myint Chit7/PaMaNa (N) 066934Number (8)NLD 
12.U Ye Min7/PaTaTa (N) 106773Number (10)NLD 
Mandalay Region 
13.Daw Hla Htay (a) Daw Ohn Kyi9/MaThaNa (N) 009052Number (1)NLD 
14.U San Win9/MaMaNa (N) 044203Number (3)NLD 
15.U Win Ko Oo5/SaKaNa (N) 088032Number (4)NLD 
16.U Aung Myo Lat9/MaKhaNa (N) 158912Number (9)NLD 
Ayeyawady Region 
17.U Si Thu Aung14/MaAhPa (N) 002575Number (6)NLD 
18.U Than Tun4/TaTaNa (N) 008600Number (7)NLD 
19.U Chan Nyein Kyaw14/LaPaTa (N) 156481Number (10)NLD 
20.U Zeya Aye14/AhGaPa (N) 134586Number (11)NLD 
21.U Wine Maung Soe14/ZaLaNa (N) 115973Number (12)NLD 
Kachin State
1.U Win Naing1/MaKaTa (N) 004809MogaungNLD
Kayah State
2.Daw Khin San Win2/LaKaNa (N)021466LoikawNLD
 (a) Daw San San Myint   
Sagaing Region
3.U Zaw Aung14/BaKaLa (N) 207517KawlinNLD
4.U Nay Soe Aung5/AhTaNa (N) 056449WunthoNLD
Taninthayi Region
5.Daw Tin Tin Yi6/MaAhYa (N) 079523KyunsuNLD
6.U Aung Soe Thu6/YaPhaNa (N) 058783YebyuNLD
7.U Ohn Khin6/PaLaNa (N) 002020PalawNLD
8.U Okka Min6/MaMaNa (N) 114942MyeikNLD
Bago Region
9.Dr Khin Soe Soe Kyi14/MaMaNa (N)008232PyayNLD
10.U Khin Aye7/NaTaLa (N) 006601NattalinNLD
Yangon Region
11.Daw Phyu Phyu Thin12/OuKaTa (N) 108850Mingala


Ayeyawady Region
12.U Wai Lin Aung14/MaMaNa (N) 266317MyaungmyaNLD
13.Daw Thandar12/AhSaNa (N) 157082EinmeNLD

Sd/ Hla Thein
Union Election Commission

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