Announcement of Region/State Hluttaw representatives

Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Union Election Commission
Announcement 260/2020
14th Waning of Thadingyut, 1382 ME
(14 November 2020)
Announcement of Region/State Hluttaw representatives

Elected Region/State Hluttaw representatives in the multiparty democracy general elections on 8 November 2020 and their constituencies are announced from the reports of election sub-commissions in the respective regions and states as per Section 49 (b) of Region/State Hluttaw Election Law.



Kachin State
1.U Chan Tan Khin1/NaMaNa(N)003763Nagmog 1USDP
2.U Ma Laung Aung Ram1/PaTaAh(N)039985Nagmog 2NLD
Shan State
3.Dr Aung Naing Win12/KaMaYa(N)042083Bamar EthnicNLD
4.U Zok Daung13/LaYaNa(N)097248Kachin EthnicIndividual
5.Daw Khin San Myint (a) Yan Chi Mee13/NaSaNa(N)037751Lisu EthnicNLD
6.U Yaw Thut13/LaYaNa(N)021482Lahu EthnicLahu National Development Party
7.U Hlaing (a)

U Tun Hlaing (a) Dr Tun Hlaing

13/NyaYaNa(N)004451Inntha EthnicNLD
8U Yar Kok13/TaKhaLa(N)000526Akha EthnicNLD
9.U Tin Nu13/PaLaNa(N)088036Kayan (a)

Padaung Ethnic

Kayan National Party


Hla Thein
Union Election Commission

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