Announcement of Union Election Commission 10 March 2021

1. Regarding the Multiparty General Election held on 8 November 2020, the Union Election Commission has inspected the voter lists and the casting of votes of Chanmyathazi Township in Mandalay Region.

2. According to the inspection findings, the previous election commission released 209,208 eligible voters in Chanmyathazi Township of Mandalay Region. The list of the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population in November 2020 showed 214,085 eligible voters who had turned 18. The voter lists mentioned that there were 13,806 citizens, associate citizens, nationalized citizens, and non-identity voters, 801 persons repeated on the voter lists more than three times and 13,314 persons repeated on the voter lists two times.

3. Findings in inspections were as follows:

Findings on scrutinized voting list of Chanmyathazi Township

Untitled 1 11 3 2021

4. The Union Election Commission has inspected the withdrawal/receipt/use/remaining of ballot papers used for Pyithu Hluttaw Election of Chanmyathazi Township in Mandalay Region, together with the respective township election sub-commission, head of police force, Immigration and Population and administrator according to the Hluttaw Election Law Section 53.

5. According to inspection on the ground, a total of 84 poll stations in Chanmyathazi Township in Mandalay Region took out 222,050 ballot papers. It used 149,343 ballot receipts. The remaining ballots were 70,726 instead of the exact remaining 72,707. The extra/shortage ballots were found at respective poll stations. The missing ballots were 9,474 which is lesser than the actual numbers of remaining ballots and illegal extra-used ballots were 7,493. The findings were as follows:

On the ground inspections on ballot papers for Pyithu Hluttaw Election of Chanmyathazi Township

Untitled 2 11 3 2021

6. The Ward/Village-tract of Chanmyathazi Township took out 215,350 ballot papers and used 148,769, and the remaining ballots were 60,476 instead of 66,581. It found 9,474 balltos were missing, and extra 3,369 ballots at some poll stations.

7. U Phone Myint Thein, secretary of Kyun Lone Oak Shoung Ward election sub commission returned 9 unused ballot books for Pyithu Hluttaw on 5 March 2021 while U Myo Zaw Tun, secretary of Tamma Wady Ward election sub-commission returned 11unused ballot books for each Pyithu Hluttaw, Amyotha Hluttaw and Region Hluttaw and U Aung Kyaw Kyaw, secretary of Aung Pin Lal Ward election sub-commission returned 4 unused ballot books for Pyithu Hluttaw. The inspection team also found 82 books (4,100 papers) at the office of township election sub-commission.

8. The findings at 84 ward/village tract polling stations in Chanmyathazi Township were as follows:

Untitled 3 11 3 2021

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