Announcement on advance voting for local voters outside their constituencies in 2020 General Election

UEC1. The 2020 General Election will be held on 8 November. Due to the spike in COVID-19 infections, the government is working its best on prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19.
2. During this time, local voters, who are outside their constituencies, are unable to return to the places where they have to vote due to the policies and standard operating procedures of the National-Level Central Committee on Prevention, Control and Treatment of COVID-19 and the directives and health guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Sports. It is necessary for the voters not to lose voting rights.
3. Therefore, the voters, not to lose their voting rights, can apply for documents of Form 15 at the township sub-election commissions of respective constituencies they are living in. It is hereby announced that the election sub-commissions which received the applications will contact township election sub-commissions in the original constituencies of the voters as early as possible in carrying out the special task.

Union Election Commission

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