Announcement on rights to conduct political rallies and campaigns

UECRepublic of the Union of Myanmar
Union Election Commission
Notification 173/2020
4th Waning of Wagaung 1382 ME
(6 September 2020)

Announcement on rights to conduct political rallies and campaigns

1. The Union Election Commission has already issued Directive (1/2014) on 1 July 2014 on the conduct of political rallies and political campaigns, with respect to the rights of Hluttaw representative candidates of political parties and independent Hluttaw representative candidates, who have been officially approved as Hluttaw representative candidates by relevant election sub-commissions in accordance with relevant electoral laws and by-laws, after they have submitted their applications to compete in the respective constituencies of the respective Hluttaws, to ensure free and fair elections in accordance with the law.

2. Directive (1/2014) was amended by Directive (4/YaKaPa/KaMaYa) dated 25-6-2015, which specifies an electoral campaign period of 60 days until the day before the General Elections, and Directive (5/NaNgaYa- Supervision (8)/KaMaYa) dated 4-9-2015, which allows electoral campaigns to be started as soon as an electoral candidate or his/her election agent applies to the relevant sub-election commission for permission to rally.
3. The Union Election Commission on 26-5-2020 issued Directive (4/NaNgaYa-Supervision (22)/KaMaYa), which states that political parties are not permitted to hold meetings in religious premises and they need to adhere to the existing Political Parties Registration Law, by-laws and regulations in accordance with instructions of the Union Election Commission.
4. The Code of Conduct for Political Parties and Candidates, formulated with the approval of the political parties, has already been amended and issued.
5. During the electoral campaigns, the campaigners need to follow the “Standard Operating Procedure -SOP” which will be issued for the prevention and control of COVID-19, and healthcare guidelines for specific periods of time and locations issued by relevant authorities.
6. Therefore, Hluttaw representative candidates and political parties who will be contesting in the General Elections on 8 November, 2020, must obey with due diligence the following instructions, Code of Conduct and guidelines to make the elections to be free, fair and peaceful and to control the spread of COVID-19.
(a) The Union Election Commission’s Directive (1/2014) on electoral campaigning, and the directives amending Directive (1/2014), as well as the directive dated on 26-5-2020.
(b) The Code of Conduct for Political Parties and Candidates.
(c) “Standard Operating Procedure -SOP” for prevention and control of COVID-19 with respect to the election.
(d) Healthcare regulations and guidelines for specific times and locations issued by relevant authorities.
7. It is hereby announced by the Union Election Commission hereby that the 60-day electoral campaign period for the General Elections on 8 November 2020 is from 6:00 am on 8-9-2020 to 12:00 am (midnight) on 6-11-2020.

(Hla Thein)
Union Election Commission


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