Announcement on special plan for eligible voters in Yangon Region

1. The Union Election Commission has re-scrutinized the voter lists according to the necessary amendments and the request of the voters.
It has been announced that the re-scrutinized voter lists will be published (for the final time) at the respective commission’s offices in the wards or village-tracts for 14 days from 1.10.2020 to 14.10.2020.
2. Of the 45 townships in Yangon Region, 44 townships except Cocogyun are included in the stay-at-home programme, according to the Ministry of Health and Sports. Due to the resurgence of the COVID-19 outbreaks in Yangon Region, the Yangon regional government has imposed ‘stay-at-home’ measures for no reason other than health and urgent cases in order to control the spread of the disease.
3. Therefore, the voter lists which are updated until 4.9.2020 can be accessed at, a web application for voters who have difficulty compiling voter lists due to the regional health guidelines and other matters.
4. However, the Yangon Region Election sub-Commission has set up a special programme to access the voter lists on the web application, which has been updated until 26-9-2020, as voters in Yangon Region may have difficulty with accessing the voter lists. The UEC has already announced that the mobile application findyourpollingstation.apk can be downloaded from the Google Play Store to check if your name is on the voter lists.
5. In addition, if voters in Yangon Region cannot find their names on the lists or if they want to edit information or make objection, they can get help in the following ways;
a. The web application will provide the telephone numbers of two responsible persons from the respective wards / village-tracts for each ward / village tract to contact to get help.
b. For those voters who have difficulty applying in person, the application form will be provided on the web application and arrangement will be made to apply by taking photos.
c. Arrangements will be made to come and apply in person or with the help of a representative or a local official at the relevant ward or village tract sub-election commission offices.
It is informed that how to contact to apply and to search the voter list by using the Web Application will be explained on the Web Application and on Facebook page.

Union Election Commission

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