Announcement regarding attacks in Laukkai, Shan State

Republic of the Union of Myanmar
National Reconciliation and Peace Centre
Announcement No.1/2017
1378, 9th Waxing Day of Tabaung
(6 March 2017)
Announcement regarding attacks in Laukkai, Shan State

1.    At this time, it is important for the people of Myanmar to contribute their utmost effort with strong determination and unified spirit for the success of the peace process.
2.    As the Union Government has given top priority to the task of National Reconciliation and Peace, the Union Government held a coordination meeting with the Delegation for Political Negotiation of the United Nationalities Federal Council. The discussions were held in a frank and cordial manner. We obtained good results that strengthened our hopes that we would have agreement on the Nine Point proposal presented by the UNFC.
3.    Furthermore, agreement was reached between the Peace Commission – PC and the Delegation for Political Negotiation – DPN, for the two sides to work hard for the inclusion of organizations which should be included in the peace process, and to work in coordination for these organizations to be permitted to attend  the Union Peace Conference –  21st Century Panglong . The ethnic nationalities and Union citizens have welcomed with joy the progress achieved at  the meeting as they perceive the red rays of hope for peace.
4.    At a time when we have achieved progress in the national reconciliation and peace process which has made us happy and while we are working for broader participation and for the consolidation and vibrancy of the process,  the MNDAA armed groups conducted offensive attacks starting from about 2am today in Laukkai area, north-east Shan State. According to the preliminary reports, the armed MNDAA attacked  the town proper and it was reported that some security forces  and innocent local residents  were killed. The fighting is still continuing till the time of this announcement. Such armed conflicts cannot bring any good benefits and are devoid of any meaning for all the ethnic nationalities and Union citizens residing in the Union. Furthermore, they bring about nothing but direct bad results and make the ethnic tribes and local ethnic nationalities and Union citizens living in the area drown in a sea of sorrow.
5.    Therefore, I would like to strongly urge all the armed groups to abandon the armed attacks that can bring about nothing but sorrows and sufferings on the innocent local tribes and races, and to join the dialogue table for national peace and march together with the people on the path of peace with unified strong spirit on the basis of equality.

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
               N R P C

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