Announcement related to ballot papers with Hluttaw candidates of United Democratic Party (terminated)

1. The Union Election Commission announced the dissolution of United Democratic Party in line with Section 12-(b) of the Political Parties Registration Law as the party failed to comply with provisions in Section 12, Sub-section a-iv of the Political Parties Registration Law and Section 15, Sub-section b, c, and f of the Political Parties Registration Act.
2. UDP candidates have also lost their rights to be elected as Hluttaw candidates in 2020 General Election as they failed to comply with the provisions of the Sub-section (h) of the Section 10 of the Hluttaw Election Law. The UEC has also instructed the sub-commissions to remove their names from the list of Hluttaw candidates in line with respective Hluttaw election bylaws and bylaw 36 (c and d).
3. It is now 19 days ahead of the General Election, and the ballot papers printed at the Ministry of Information are being transported to the various levels of election sub-commissions through the sub-commissions of states, regions and the Union Territory.
4. It is not enough time to reprint the ballot papers without the name of UDP candidates at the Ministry of Information, and transport the papers to the respective sub-commissions. Moreover, the respective election sub-commissions have no sufficient time to draw a red line over the name of candidates, party logo and marking place for vote to cancel them. The respective sub-commissions will not also remove/delete the name of candidates of this party from the ballot papers.
5. Therefore, the voters, either for advance voting or for polling station vote on the Election Day, shall not vote for the terminated candidates of United Democratic Party. Otherwise, such votes will be determined as rejected ballots.
6. The announcement will also be published at the sub-commission offices and polling stations. And that, it is informed to the voters to prevent the rejected ballot in line with this announcement.

Union Election Commission

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