Anti-Corruption Commission receives over 5,000 complaint letters as of November 2020

Myanmar Anti-Corruption Commission received more than 5,000 complaint letters in eleven months of 2020, which is the lowest number of letters in three years, according to a press release of the commission.
According to its recent statements, the anti-corruption commission received 10,543 complaint letters in 2018 and 9,394 letters in 2019 across the country. Among the complaints received in 2019, about 1,044 are under investigation. Now, the commission received only a total of 5,372 letters, which has dropped nearly half of the letters compared to those of last year.
In eleven months of 2020, the commission received the complaint letters mostly from Yangon Region. The number of complaints was: 1,315 complaint letters in Yangon Region, 1,127 letters in Mandalay Region and 698 letters in Bago Region. However, the commission received only 14 letters from Kayah State, according to the press released by the commission. The complaint letters are about the departments’ action, management and administration error, land management, judiciary cases, personal misconduct within the department, withdrawal of the complaint and other general things. The commission is handling a total of 6,416 letters including 5,372 letters in eleven months of 2020 and 1,044 letters from 2019. Of those letters, 6,063 letters have been handled. Among them, there were 69 for investigation, with 1,091 handed over to respective Ministries and region and state governments, 2,160 for which suggestions were sent to the public, 2,743 not being relevant to the law and 353 being still under review, according to the announcement of the commission. Out of the 1,091 letters which were handed over to respective region and state governments, most of them were delivered to the Ministry of Home Affairs with 120 letters and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation with 60 letters. Myanmar’s Anti-Corruption Law took effect in September 2013, and the Anti-Corruption Commission was formed in 2014 and was reformed in November 2017.—Aye Chan Moe (Translated by Hay Mar)

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