Aplomb, Self-possession and Dogged determination act like the propulsive power to success


[dropcap font=”0″]W[/dropcap]E humans cannot attain success easily in life. Success of on individual mainly depends on a person’s morale and attitude. Success of the community or a success of the society depends on solidarity of the people concerned. A successful person always attempts with aplomb, self-possession and dogged determination properly. A successful person here means a person who has completely succeeded in education, politics, business, innovation, invention, adventurous exploration and medical science etc. These are the human characteristics for struggling or striving to achieve something in life. Unless a person has aplomb, he or she cannot succeed in some attempts or reach personal goal. When we have an ambition or dream or aspiration, we are obliged to strive hard by ourselves. Don’t expect any help or contribution from others. We must culture self-reliance and self-confidence or self-possession in our minds firmly. Self-reliance is in the sense that we must use our own effort to fulfill our ambition or intention completely indeed. Self-confidence is that we must confide in our own ability and skill to achieve success strongly. So we must show great aplomb in dealing with the endeavor for success. This morale acts like a propulsive power to gain success in life. It is a common knowledge and not a secret key to success in life. If we always want to depend on others and to expect assistance, our capability and efficiency will be faded away. In other words, we will become wally or oaf or inept persons as we do not make our own efforts. The lazy bones and wally will never succeed in life due to their habit and behavior indeed. When we do not have self-confidence, we cannot overcome obstacles and barriers in life. This is the driving force or propulsive power to success indeed. We need to use this power constantly and advertently. On the contrary, as a human nature, we sometimes feel downhearted and despondent when we face or encounter great barriers in the life struggle. Frequently, we are inclined to surrender or give up our own attempts for gaining some achievements or success. In this situation, we ought to control our minds to be stable in striving with aplomb carefully. Psychologically, downheartedness  and despondence induce man to fail in any attempt to success or progress in life. The downhearted-nature and despondent–nature cause miserable and desperate human life. However, aplomb conduces man to win over difficulties and achieve success straight. For example; the inventors, the benefactors for great and modern achievements of human beings, had striven with aplomb to gain success in inventing airplane, electricity, telephone etc. The inventors had sacrificed and dedicated their lives to find or invent new things which could contribute or help humans enjoy convenient, easier and comfortable life with sincere and genuine goodwill. As a proverbial saying goes; ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’, we should have thought before using the right way and to implement or materialize the will. Even then, we must have correct guideline and timeline to strive or make efforts with aplomb. Otherwise, our attempts will be in vain. In other words, aplomb can fulfill our strong will and burning desire. If a person wants to possess prowess, he or she must attempt to attain it with great aplomb.
Dogged-determination is closely associated with aplomb in characteristics. If a person’s morale is made up of dogged-determination and aplomb, he or she could achieve a successful life in human society. Dogged determination motivates a person concerned to succeed in attempting something in life. A person, who strives doggedly, becomes a successful man in any endeavor in life. So, doggedness acts like a propulsive power to win the victory in life or achieve success certainly. First and foremost, each and everyone has to determine to carry out their plans. Afterwards, they carry out the tasks with their capacity and skill. However, they need to do their tasks doggedly so that they will certainly succeed in doing the tasks. We should know that the hesitant –nature or wavering –nature is the hindrance to dogged-determination. Therefore, we must get rid of hesitant-nature from our minds totally so as to culture dogged-determination in life. The dogged-determination brings us victory or success in life. This is indeed a high morale which pushes us to step forward to reach our aims or goals. In here, self-possession is vitally important to gear up the aims and objects to be achieved.
When we have determination to do something for our life, we normally look for the most suitable way to implement it or to accomplish it or to execute it. In this case, the firm determination is to be utilized so that we can achieve success. We should not deviate from our aim or goal or intention or vision. A man without dogged determination is like a boat without rudder or like a dullard. Since he or she has neither particular direction nor dogged determination to reach some goal, the aimless life leads him or her to a sub-standard life. Some world prominent figures or people have attained great success as they struggled with dogged determination. For example; General Aung San of Myanmar, who founded Myanmar Armed forces and fought against the British colonialists to regain Mynmar’s own independence heroically. His dogged determination and self-possession led him to regain Myanmar’s own Independence from British colonialists. His dogged determination aiming at regaining Myanmar’s own independence was trusted by the entire people of Myanmar. His noble morale, spirit of patriotism, aplomb motivated and unified the entire people of Myanmar to drive out the British colonialists from Myanmar’s soil unitedly and unanimously.
Another example is about the man’s attempt to reach and land on the moon. It was a heroic success in space exploration. Unless the space scientists and space astronaut attempted with self-confidence or aplomb or dogged determination, man could not reach moon. NASA’s   program, experiment, survey and practical training for reaching and landing on the moon were based on dogged determination with aplomb. As a result, the man named Neil Armstrong, an American astronaut, had walked on the moon. Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon and he accomplished the feat on July 20, 1969. He was also convinced of the NASA’s program with dogged determination, self-possession and aplomb .This remarkable feat declared that man is capable of using space technology to reach and land on the moon with space-craft among the celestial beings in the solar system. This breakthrough was significantly recorded in human history. So, it is obvious to learn that the dogged determination, self-possession and aplomb act like the propulsive power to success.
Developing human civilizations and the technology of modern civilization are created by human‘s dogged determination and strong will on earth. We humans aspire to the tasks for the development of human society so we decide to upgrade it firmly. Then we make concerted efforts to uplift the standard of humanity. Our dogged determination motivates us to implement the aims ardently. Eventually we reach our goals. It is an honorable success indeed. The high morale of technologists also invent or innovate things for modern civilization with dogged determination in the same way as human civilization development. It is undeniable that the evolution of human civilization is generated by aplomb, self-possession and dogged determination. These characteristics or distinguishing qualities in human minds are propulsive power to success in human existence and in human society as well. Man must be aware that man is the most superior creature on earth and also man is able to conquer the other planets in the solar system. We must exert or strive for the betterment of humanity humanely . Currently, we humans are the ones who can travel in the space and can launch manned spacecraft or unmanned spacecraft to land on the other planets in the solar system. Absolutely, this is the tangible proof and reality. It is said that there are creatures from outer space approaching our planet, but no one can show concrete evidence or proof of their movement or appearance. Since we cannot detect the movement or appearance of the so-called aliens or creatures from outer space, we can infer that man is the most powerful living creature in the solar system undoubtedly. This power is not rewarded by god but rewarded by humans themselves. Man’s prowess, glory, feat, high morale and creative-mindedness are immeasurable on earth and man can even travel in the space to discover biological activities and water. What an awesome endeavor!
Don’t lose confidence whenever you encounter the difficulties or obstacles on your way to success!
Don’t hesitate and deviate when you have dogged determination for the good faith of mankind!

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