Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) General Secretary U Myo Kyaw presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 1 October.

Greetings to esteemed citizens.
I am General Secretary U Myo Kyaw of the Arakan League for Democracy (ALD).
Firstly, ALD would like to express the profound grief from the loss of innocent lives and torture from the armed conflicts in Rakhine State, how people have fled and are suffering because of it.
ALD was formed by Rakhine-Myanmar pandit U Oo Thar Tun and Dr U Saw Mra Aung in the wake of the 8888 Uprising. From the beginning, the ALD has worked for democracy, equality for all ethnic groups, self-determination all based on the genuine federal union for the lasting peace and development of Rakhine people and all other citizens of Myanmar. We won 11 seats during the 1990 election and became the party with the third-highest number of wins.
ALD joined the United Nationalities League for Democracy (UNLD) to work together with other ethnic groups who share the same history. UNLD and NLD signed the Bo Aung Kyaw Street Declaration on 29-8-1990 to establish a Union that guarantees equality, self-determination, democracy and human rights for all ethnic people.
ALD’s registration was abolished in 1992, but the political changes in 2010 allowed re-registration in 2012, and we join the United Nationalities Alliance (UNA).
We then merged with Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) to form the Arakan National Party (ANP) concerning the wishes of the Rakhine people and to further our efforts for the Rakhine interest.
Disagreement in policies led us to break away from ANP after the 2015 elections, and we registered as the ALD for the third time in 2017. We continue to be a member of UNA.
Current Myanmar was born from the Panglong Agreement, Panglong spirit, and the 1947 Constitution. The negligence of ethnic people’s politics, business and social standards led to the rise of internal armed conflicts.
To put an end to the armed conflicts and pave the way for a fairer society, the entire population must work together to establish a genuine Federal Union.
That is why ALD will implement the party’s policies to reform the executive, judicial and legislative branches to build that genuine Federal Union.
We need policies for the financial sector and appropriate management, natural resources, domestic and foreign investments, domestic and border trade, agriculture, forest, fisheries and other businesses, healthcare, education, social and cultural policies, regional education and planning sector.
The judicial branch must be allowed to have courts on all levels to ensure compliance with federal union judicial system. The legislative branch also needs regional and state Hluttaw representatives to be elected by the people from the same region and enact the necessary laws.
ALD has pledged to work together with UNA and other political parties who genuinely wish for federalism to implement the political policies and work programmes mentioned earlier. For as long as we had gained independence, there have been armed conflicts, and it has escalated in Rakhine State. We need to work together and establish a culture of fairness to put an end to armed conflicts.
The armed conflicts are eating away at our national treasures and resources. It has caused us to lag in business, education, healthcare and other sectors and pushed the people into poverty. It leads to the disintegration of the nation. The lesson we learn from this is a failure to implement a Federal Union will destroy the country. ALD believes ethnic equality and self-determination and establishing a Federal Union is the true Union spirit.
In conclusion, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar was formed on 4 January 1948 because of the Panglong Agreement signed on 12 February 1947. There would have been no Union of Myanmar if not for the Panglong Agreement. The essence of the agreement is equality for the Bamar and other ethnic groups and self-determination, which will be brought about by building a genuine federal union to end armed conflicts and instil lasting peace. ALD will endeavour for lasting internal peace and development of the Rakhine region and all of Myanmar through establishing a genuine Federal Union.
We urge voters to cast their votes for the parties that will bring about a Federal Union and to the voters in Rakhine State to choose which representatives from Rakhine parties are in line with your regional interests and will execute practical implementations.
Arakan League for Democracy has selected only the best candidates that will bring about genuine change for Rakhine and the entire nation.
Let’s establish a real Federal Union and bring about lasting peace.

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