Arakan National Party presents policy, stance and work program

Daw Aye Nu Sein of Arakan National Party.
Daw Aye Nu Sein of Arakan National Party.
Party logo.
Party logo.

Vice Chairperson Daw Aye Nu Sein of Arakan National Party presented its policy, stance and work program through Radio and Television in the evening of 15 September 2018.
The detailed presentation is as follows.
Respected and Esteemed People,
Allow me to extend my heartiest greetings with the words Mingalar Par and wishing for being the physical and mental wellbeing of all people.
I am Vice Chairperson Daw Aye Nu Sein of the Arakan National Party.
Our Arakan National Party (ANP) is formed and constituted to represent all Rakhine nationals and Rakhine ethnic groups.
The Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) and the Arakan League for Democracy (ALD) signed an agreement on 17 June 2013 to merge into a single party under the name of “Arakan National Party” to forge unity among the Rakhine nationals. The RNDP won (35) seats in 2010 general elections and the ALD won (11) seats in 1990 general elections. The ALD registered again as a political party in 2012.
Our Arakan National Party has laid down the basic policy as follows.
(a) The objective is for the emergence of genuine federal union. It means that the Rakhine nationals must have the rights for self-determination and self-creation. And also to build genuine federal union that is founded with the secured concept of “nationalities-based states”. It includes the Bamar national having the equal rights of all nationalities in the nation.
(b) To work for the progress and development of all Rakhine ethnic races and all other nationals residing in Rakhine State, and to protect and safeguard the developments of Rakhine State.
(c) To endeavor for the development and growth of democratic system.
Respected and Esteemed People,
Since regaining independent, our nationals and people have suffered with all sorts of hardship for more than (70) years due to the civil war and the mismanagement in the country. Even today, we all are still suffering the harsh conditions. Until now, the internal armed conflict due to the demand of freedom has pushed the innocent people into distress and misery.
We strongly believed that the root cause of internal armed conflict is due to the absence of equal rights among the nationalities, the deprivation of self-determination and self-administration. Therefore, we would constantly endeavor, in broad mind with courage, for achieving internal pace by ending civil war in the country. We all need to work hand in hand to build genuine federal union based on the democratic system by amending the constitution.
Respected and Esteemed People,
Our Arakan National Party is not a party that has been based only on Rakhine nationals, and the fact is being clearly defined in the policy for the norm of enrolment and acceptance of party member. All other nationals of the Union residing in the Rakhine State including the Rakhine nationals and Rakhine ethnic groups are entitled to apply for membership. Our party would stand by and sided with all the nationalities residing in the Rakhine State and fight for their interest, and also participate actively and cooperate in the causes of the Union.
Therefore, we have stipulated (18) work programs of the Arakan National Party in its party constitution, and implementing the tasks in pragmatic ways. The summary of (18) work programs are as follows.
The tasks cover for the progress and development of education, health, social, economy, and culture and also for the emergence of workers union and farmers union. The work programs also incorporated for inviting foreign investment with large projects in which the Rakhine business entrepreneurs have the rights to take part and do business.
Moreover, the program of the party manifested that the benefits and interests gained from the international foreign investment and the natural resources of the Rakhine State must be shared fully among our nationals. It also includes the opening of opportunities through job creations and the repatriation of Rakhine nationals who left the Rakhine State elsewhere to work. The task also includes the protection and securing the rights of the women, the children, the elderly persons and the handicapped.
Respected and Esteemed people,
Although the election to be held on 3 November 2018 is only by-election, the Rakhine nationals have to participate the event with important steps. The vacant slot for the poll at the by-election in Rakhine State is the Pyithu Hluttaw constituency No (2) of Rathedaung Township in Rakhine State. It is vacated by lawmaker U Oo Pho Minn of Arakan National Party (Rakhine State Hluttaw Vice Chairman), who passed away.
In the 2015 general election, our party representatives have won and secured majority of seats, however we were unable to form the Rakhine State Government due to the limitation and crisis of current constitution. However, we could manage and control in the Rakhine State Hluttaw, and we intended to step ahead in momentum.
Lawmakers of Arakan National Party are serving at the Rakhine Hluttaw for the interest of the Rakhine nationals by submitting motions, raising questions, and approving legislation in conjunction with the tasks of observing closely over the work progress of Rakhine State government, and at the same time the party is implementing its own policy and work plan.
One of the significant case in point was concerned with the Advisory Commission of Rakhine State headed by Dr. Kofi Annan. Despite the moiton on objection against the commission was defeated at both Hluttaws, our protest at the Rakhine State Hluttaw was successful, which the voters were well aware of the result.
For that reason, the State Hluttaw constituency No (2) of Rathedaung Township in Rakhine State is an important and vital seat in strengthening the Arakan National Party, and it requires to win the seat.
In the successive eras, the Rakhine nationals have endeavoured and struggled in various methods in acquiring their lost and fadeout national rights and authority, and that our Arakan National Party is also carrying out to the best of its ability within the bound of law to achieve the objective.
The current electoral competition in the by-election poll is one of the steps taking for the interests of the Rakhine nationals. The Arakan National Party will compete at the upcoming by-election for the State Hluttaw seat. The seat for the Hluttaw constituency No (2) of Rathedaung Township of Rakhine State would be contested by the Rathedaung Township Party Secretary U Maung Hla Myint who hailed from Rathedaung Town.
Whenever the Rakhine nationals were encountering difficulties or in harm’s way, the Arakan National Party and its party members always come up to assist and at times with other members of different organizations to lend hands for the people, mingling along with the suffering citizens, a ground reality that all the people knew about the party.
When our national brethrens were in anguish and distress due to Letpadaung copper mine crisis, our party rushed there and helped the people.
In 2010 general elections, the whole of Rakhine people stood together with the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP), making the party to achieve as the third largest winning party in the Union of Myanmar.
So also in 2015 general elections, the Arakan National Party won (45) seats out of (77) slots and stood as the third largest winning party. With these milestones of achievements in the chronicle, the “Nationalistic Spirit” of all the Rakhine nationals has been recognized by the Myanmar government, the national leaders, and the foreign governments and the international organizations.
Therefore, it is strongly believed that at the by-election to be held on 3 November 2018, the decisive winning of the Arakan National Party at the constituency No (2) of Rathedaung Township lies on the historic duty of the Rakhine people.
Respected and Esteemed People,
Among three main objectives of our party, the first objective is most important one that stands out as “the emergence of genuine federal union” for which our party would continue to move ahead in that direction without deviation and without giving up.
At the first meeting of the 21st Century Panglong Peace Conference, our belief in the genuine federal union concept that we actually desired and firmly holding on tight had already been spelled out, and later it was clarified at the paper reading session.
Respected and Esteemed People,
Over the years, our country has been encountering with the outside pressure and even provocation and breach of our sovereignty and national security. In this regards, the entire people of the country has the responsibility to stand by and defend with national outlook, stance, and national alertness.
The terrorist attacks in the northern part of Rakhine State have been threatening the safety of lives of Rakhine people, and the Arakan National Party is ready to solve the problem hand in hand with the entire people. In this connection, the people of the country could view through the radio, television, newspapers, journals and other media outlets on the activities of the party leaders and lawmakers of the party.
With a view to standing tall with success as a modern developed nation, it is necessary to systematically grow and nurture the upcoming new youth generation and to hand over the national tasks are also very much vital.
Last August in 2018, our Arakan National Party organized a youth gathering and endeavoured such as that of systematic nurturing of new generation youth for Rakhine political arena; that of imparting training skills to qualified youth political force; that of their participation in Rakhine politics and Myanma politics arenas; that of constantly observing the tide of world political arena and cope with the trend in accordance with the party’s work program. The formation of new youth generation as a political force is to be carried out constantly, and that is the firm conviction of the Arakan National Party. Therefore, I would like to urge the voters to support our Arakan National Party.
In conclusion, I wish all the people to be free from harm’s way and difficulties; and the earliest emergence and establishment of genuine federal democracy in the Union of Myanmar. Thank you.

Translated by UMT (HK)

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